15 August 2011

School Days

So today's Monday! The kids return back to school today!

Returning to school.

Fresh brand new supplies. My personal fave...having NEW functioning glue bottles!

On a personal teacher note, 

I'd love to upgrade my teacher lunch sak.

I think once again, Japan has got it right. Take a look at the "Craze" for children, teens, and adults when it comes to having to pack a lunch.

I Give you, the Bento Box!

And do you want to know why I think these are so great?

It's simple. 

P O R T I O N 

Americans over eat ALL THE TIME. This box is enough to fill you. When you let your body have multiple LITTLE snacks of food, you get FULL. Different textures, time of chewing each item, thus you won't over eat. 

Anyone know where I can get one? 

Do share! As I tell my students, Sharing is caring! 



  1. Happy back to school!! Those lunch boxes are awesome! I wonder if we can find them in the states.

  2. We always get bento boxes at our favorite sushi place when we go for lunch, but these Americanized versions are too cute!

  3. i too love the bento box! i thought you could purchase one anywhere & then create your own and be as decorative as you wanted.

    hmm....might have to scavenger hunt for one later today!

  4. Hope you have a great first day back with the kiddos (and that the glue bottles last! haha)

    I have no idea where to get one of those boxes, but I bet you could find it on amazon or ebay pretty easily. I think they're a great idea, as well!
    Happy Monday!

  5. OMGosh! I want these! If you find out, keep a girl posted!

  6. have a great first day with the kiddos!

    love those bento boxes.

  7. Have a great first day with the kiddos!!! that lunch box is sweet.

    PS- I wear the TOMS with anything..jeans, shorts, capris, etc! they go with a lot!

  8. Do you guys have Tupperware in the States? if so, i'd try there. they have everything and i'm sure they'll have a divided lunch box. this was a sweet post and now i want my sandwich shaped like a heart.

  9. Wow! Those lunches look incredible! I bet you could use an art/pencil box. Great idea!

  10. I went onto amazon.com and they had a lot of selection. They even hold a coke can up to them so you can see the actual size of some of the boxes in pictures. Good idea!!

  11. Those Bento Boxes are too cute!!

  12. If you have any asian markets in your city they should have some.

    Otherwise online: http://www.laptoplunches.com/

    or more asian looking ones:

    :) So cute!

  13. Oh my gosh that is SO great, love it!! talk about portion control indeed! hope you have a great Monday love!

  14. So cute! Why not make lunch so fun!

  15. I LOVE that Bento box! That is so neat! I am obsessed with containers -- I think this is when you know you're getting old(er)
    Anyway, I hope your first REAL day back was amazing!! Love ya sissser pants!!

  16. These are perfect to bring to school- I need one! If you find out, please share! :)

  17. That's so creative! Of course they would invent something so useful!

  18. The Sanrio website has quite a few. I'm lucky enough to have a Sanrio store in my hometown, but their website has just as many cute things!

  19. Happy back to school! I go back to work next week, but my second graders don't return until after labor day.

    I too am always on the lookout for good ways to pack lunches. Several of my kids had these last year, and always fit the perfect amount of snacks in them. Check em out!


    I love how the small sections keep everything separate. Hope you have a great school year!

    PS- did you look for that anchor necklace?

  20. Hope you had a great first day back! I laughed about the functional glue bottles, I can totally relate!

  21. are these really available in the supermarkets? because i'm on board.

    happy first day back!

  22. i love them..my problem is that i eat too much so a bento box is too small for me :D

  23. Those are so neat! Hope you had a great first day!

  24. um, i want - no NEED one of these! my "lunch" sak is usually a brown envelope of oatmeal. #boring!

    these are so cute!!

  25. happy back to school!!! :)
    i love bento boxes... these are so cute!

  26. I work at Old Navy and we have lunch boxes that are kind of the same thing. One side is for a sandwich and the other is split up for whatever else. I tried to see if they were on the website but I can't find them. But maybe you could look there for something similar!

  27. I should have looked online a little better before I published my last comment, but the lunch boxes I was talking about are called "Klip It lunch cubes." I hope that helps!!


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