20 August 2011

One Day

Movie Review!!!

I went and saw "ONE DAY" which I blogged about the book a while back. 

You might recall I wasn't really all that into the book. It dragged, rather, till about midway to the end.
I was really hoping that Anne Hathaway would really bring the character Emma alive.

She didn't disappoint.

I BAWLED like a baby at the end. 

I don't think I've cried since the Notebook when it comes to "love story" type movies.

I won't say much else. Otherwise you'll everything about the book/movie. 

Bring tissues! 



  1. I love your movie reviews! Like I said, I trust your opinion WAY MORE than those "movie experts!" They usually give 5 gold starts to the worst movies ever!!

  2. I've been wanting to read the book and see rhe movie. Both looked so good!

  3. Yay! This movie preview kinda popped out of thin are for me, I felt like it was advertised for about a week before the movie came out. I'm always a little skeptical about those, but I'm glad it sounds like a hit. Can't wait to get the girls and go see it :)

  4. I think I may just have to see this movie. You sold me on.

    P.S. this is my first time visiting and I love the blog. I will def. be back and follow.

    withlove, meghan

  5. aw, anne hathaway! she's so wonderful! can't wait to see this!

  6. I want to see this, even if I haven't read the book and I usually don't go see any book-turned-movie without reading. I saw Crazy Stupid Love this weekend; emotional rollercoaster of laughing and crying. This will be my next one to see :)

  7. Looks so good! Never read the book, don't think I will now haha!

  8. Agh! I said it before and I'll say it again! I want to see this so badly! Do you know that I havent seen The Notebook?! I know... how am I a female?! LOL! Seriously. I wanted to, but it came out the summer I was taking the bar exam (if I recall correctly) and I just never got around to it. :( Even Eric made fun of me when I said I hadnt seen it in conversation once. He was like "how have I seen that movie and you havent?" haha. :) ANyway, I really hope to see One Day very soon!

  9. My book club read this (and I did a review on it after on my blog) and are planning a field trip to see the movie... I wasn't sold on Ann Hathaway, so glad to hear you liked it (and her)... can't wait!

  10. Now I can't decide whether to read or watch first! Thanks for reminding me of this one!

  11. really? i planned on waiting to see it on DVD since i disliked the book so much, now i'll have to re-evaluate that!


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