17 September 2012

Maxi Love

Have you ever wanted something but the price was way out of your price range?

Case in point:

I took a screen shot as proof! I fell in love with this maxi skirt a year ago, but being a teacher on on a teacher's salary, I knew the skirt was way out of normal wardrobe budget!

Randomly, a few night ago I was looking though all my pins and I clicked on this skirt again. It took me to shopbop.com and low and behold I couldn't believe my eyes...

The skirt was there!


Size small

and for 60 dollars on clearance! 

This shit just doesn't happen! It had to be fate or something!
I knew I had to act fast!

I quickly snatched it up! I'm waiting for it to get here! 

Sometimes a item of clothing that you love so much can really be yours if you wait it out long enough! 

Well bloggy friends, that's all that is going on in my lil ole life! Sorry for sparse postings!



  1. It's gorgeous! Great find! Your patience paid off in the end :)

  2. That is definitely fate!! I always love the things way out of my price range. Congrats on the find!

  3. i love when things work out like that! yay!!!

  4. LOVE IT! :) Great deal!!!

    Happy Monday!


  5. yay! love when things like that work out! and ive been searching for a perfect maxi skirt for the past few months, this one is going to look great on yah!

  6. I love finding an amazing deal--I bet it's going to look absolutely FAB on you!


  7. i could not pull off that skirt..but you..you definitely can!!
    cannot wait to see it on you!

  8. If that isn't destiny, I don't know what is. Can't wait to see it on you!!

  9. Don't you love it when that happens???


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