25 October 2013

Christmas Wish List!

Is it to soon to share my Christmas Wish list!? I actually have things on my list this year!

The trouble is, as you get older, the gifts you want never seem to get cheaper, but rather more than expensive!

1. LAFCO candle I smelled this in a boutique/restaurant gift shop and fell in love! Smells devine!
2. Anything with elbow patches. An instagrammer I follower shared this angora sweater from Banana Republic today and I simply must have it! Checked online and it's not available yet.

3. A bike. So several years back I had an amazing white custom beach cruiser that I got when I was dating someone who lived in San Diego. I gave it away to a friend who helped me move and thus have kicked myself for doing so because here I am wanting a bike again! I wanted something with a beach cruiser look, but actually has gears and such :) 

4. Beats Solo by Dre (headphones that are perfect for girls who have smaller ears and heads!)

5. ASOS purse. Must admit the scalloped edge sold me on wanting it! :) 

What is on your wish list this year? 


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