29 November 2012

Current Student Art (redo post!)

Dear fellow bloggers,

I thank you for all the suggestions about how to fix my over the limit picture problem! I am sticking with Photobucket. I'm sure in time I'll fill that up too considering that I've had my account since the good ole Myspace days. Remember when you had to "host" your images that you'd post on ppl's walls or on your profile? I Do!!!

Anyway, here's what we've been up to...

Kinder read a story about a very busy squirrel and thus, got to paint some nice fall acorns! 

2nd graders made actual squirrels in my after school art class! I am so happy with how unique each picture turned out!

My first graders finished their scarecrows! this was a 3 week lesson! We used texture plates for the shirt, they had to trace their hands for the scarecrow's hands, and use assorted buttons and crinkled paper for the suspenders and wrinkled face! 

This turkey has to be my favorite out of the bunch! This student just did such a great job of spreading the feathers around and the little additive detail of the feather on the forehead really won me over! 

The CD weavings for our big recycle themed art show (Not till April) has commenced. I have all my 4th 5th and 6th grade kiddos making one.

This student was my first finished weaver! I have about 1-2 kids done in each class, so they are my other set of helping hands for all the other kiddos that make mistakes or need help weaving! 

Another blogger has directions if anyone needs more info on how to weave the cds 
blog is here



  1. I love your art photos! And um...that CD project is awesome!

  2. Hi! I see you did some CD Weavings! Hope you had fun making them. (It would be great to link back to my blog and the tutorial there in case anyone else would like to make them. :D


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