12 February 2012

Another Great one Gone..

There are hardly words in hearing last night about Whitney Houston dying. 

I grew up listening to her music, I definitely am reminded of my mother when I hear her music. It makes me happy and now sad.

48 years young. First Michael Jackson. Then Amy Winehouse. Now Whitney. 

What is WRONG with these great ones? Are they that miserable with their success that they turn to drugs? I am befuddled by this stupidity such amazing musicians display. 

Can't forget all these talented musicians either.

Oh Whitney...you will be missed.



  1. She will definitely be missed. I've been hearing so many of her songs tonight and she really had the most beautiful voice. It's so sad when these stars turn to drugs.

    Nice post..

  2. I agree - so sad! And I think I'm going to wait for the Vow on DVD. A lot of my other friends have expressed the same review on it.

    Also - love that quote from Picasso.

    Double also - I felt that way too about those super bowl commercials. There is just WAY too much sex on TV and kids are getting so numb to it. How are my daughters supposed to respect themselves when their role models don't? Totally agree with you on everything you said in that post down there and I will be parenting the exact same way - limits need to be imposed and held to! Children are children!!

  3. I'm so sad, the bodyguard was my first tape and still a great album. RIP.

  4. While I'm not shocked, I am still so sad and heartbroken by this news! I'm really disheartened by the jokes and harsh comments I'm seeing. It's all around very sad and my prayers are with her family.

  5. I wrote about this yesterday! I still feel in shock and disbelief! I literally listened to her music my whole life. She was an icon.

  6. When I first heard, I was shocked. Maybe they just can't handle the pressure and don't know any other way to handle it. Maybe their missing something in their life that makes them go to drugs?


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