22 February 2012

Sweet Home Alabama Season Thus Far

I haven't been updating much on Sweet Home Alabama Season 3, but I have definitely been watching!

These are the remaining contestants:

Bubba, is still my top choice that I would hope Paige picks. He really isn't a part of all the other contestant's drama and has even been nice to the city boys! 

There seems to be a real spark between Joey and Paige, so that definitely peaks my interest to see if she does indeed pick a city boy in the end! 

I still think she won't pick the 21 yr old, and Landon is probably going to be the next guy she sends home. 

Who do y'all think she'll pick?

On the Bachelor front, I've stopped watching. I said from day one I thought Ben was the worst bachelor pick of all time. I've had no interest in him or crazy Courtney who he supposedly picks in the end. 

ABC has really done a bang up job of picking good contestants :( 



  1. I love Bubba!

    I live in Slocomb, AL. Geneva, AL, where he is from, is only about 10 minutes from where I live! Its where my husband is from and went to school! Everyone here has been so excited to see Bubba on TV! I don't know him personally but from what I hear and see he is a very nice guy!

  2. new follower!

    I've heard of this show and actually watched a bit of it last weekend. I love me some cowboys ;)

    and for the bachelor? I still watch it weekly but if I decide to go make my lunch for the next day and miss a few minutes, no biggie. That's how boring this season is. hopefully next season is 10x better!

  3. wait...I've never heard of this show? Is it like a Bachelor show?!

  4. I luv, luv, luv Bubba but don't really like Paige. Don't like Landon at all. He's kind of possessive and creepy and I don't like the way he threw that other guy under the bus when he thought he was going to get eliminated. Smacked of desperation.

  5. Clarissa, MN??? That's literally 40 minutes from my house. Maybe if he doesn't work out on Sweet Home Alabama he can be sent my way. ;)

  6. what channel is this show on? i'm guessing it's cable and I wish I had it! i watch the bachelor even though it's annoying i just can't not watch!

  7. My mom told me today that she watches this show! Hilarious that a 53 yr old lady loves it. haha


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