10 April 2014

Let It Go

If you have kids, you are probably "Frozened" out! Or, if you are an educator like me, you can also recite the words from the replay button in your classroom due to the overplaying of the soundtrack during art lessons! 

I found this a month ago and forgot to share, but this man has some serious talent! 

Makes you feel like if they ever wanted a sequel and an actor couldn't make it to fill in their voice they could totally hire this guy! 

The guy? Brian Hull is actually just 22 years old and is a vocal performance student! I'd say he has a bright future as an impersonator! 

1 comment:

  1. Soo cool!

    This reminds me of another video of "Let it Go." A woman does impersonations of Idina, Demi, Britney, Celine, Alanis, etc. It's pretty neat!!! http://www.stereotude.com/watch/one-woman-sings-let-it-go-idina-britney-demi-x-tina.html


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