07 February 2011

Monday Art

5th Grade's Snowmen Point of View
Crop. Profile. Frontal View. Things that are suppose to be super easy for my beastly 5th Graders to manage in this art project. Sadly, out of a class of 33, these are the only ones that made the cut! Needless to say I am super disappointed in my big kids for their lack of effort and creativity in these!

I am adding to this art post of mine! blogging via cell is HARD!! not all of my pics uploaded or transferred to my post so that was frustrating!

5th Grade's Dale Chihuly Chandeliers. A work-in-progress-

4th Graders have been super busy with their paper Chinese Dragons. These were a hit! The Chinese New Year was great lesson to incorporate a little culture into the lesson! 

Enjoy lovelies!

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  1. Why does your cool Droid phone have an app for Blogger but the Iphone does not!! This is a problemo! LOVE the picture though! And the quality is great!!!
    I hope you are having a great first day of the week girlfriend!!

    I have a night class so BE TEXTING me the Bach updates!!!!!!!!!!!


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