08 February 2011

Tell It To Me Tuesdays Vol 3

I don't only have one Tuesday tell it to me thing to talk about. It has to do with the touchy subject of Church. I even tweeted about it later on after Church ended!

{1} Why do Women feel the need to carry their purses up to COMMUNION!?!?

So I'm sitting in church realizing I have a lot of Church annoyances. I am beginning to wonder if God is testing me.  Testing my anger and seeing if I'll act out in chuch. Lord knows that I do in public with people and their stupidity. Mister Wonderful I know gets nervous that I have such a short fuse with people and their stupid things they do in public. I am so totally the girl that will lay on the horn if I catch you doing make up in your car not paying attention to the road....

How do I escape these things!?! These awful thoughts how pissed i got when I saw some lady park her stroller with her baby in it in the friggin Aisle of the church!!! Really? who does that? this women did. But today's annoyance isn't about the stupid lady with her parked buggy, or the gum chewers or the lazy ass people that wear JEANS and stupid football jerseys to church. Nope. Today's annoyance is about women that feel the need to carry their purse up to communion. Is this really a B I G deal? eh....I think so. 

You are in the HOUSE OF GOD. Who in their right mind would steal from you if you left your purse in the pew the whole 2 min you walk up to get your communion? I mean really? And these women that have these HUGE bags that set them on the pews leaving no room for others to sit, rather than placing them on the floor have some nerve. Do you not hear your JINGLE of your over bearing keychains rubbing against each other while you walk down the aisle? GRRRRR. Shame on you. Might as well chat on your cell while you are add it. 

For the record, I don't even bring my cell or purse to church. Really what could I possibly need for the whole 40 min I'm there that I should be able to live without? 

This is the only picture I have for you. You'll have to imagine all those cumbersome purses that sit for ten then end up back on women's shoulders as they walk down for communion. I wouldn't dare snap a picture in church. Then I'd really have to hit up Confession. ha. 

Well, Tell it to me. What's your annoyances for today? the week before? 




  1. Seriously, that would bug me as well.

  2. I hear ya! Let's disrupt everyone else for your convenience! Some people!

  3. that would so annoy me too, thats up there with people texting during the service. umph. you state a good point, who in their right mind would steal in church deff sure that the purse will be a okay to go down for 2 min's to get communion legit. People these days!

  4. Agree 100%! You are at church for goodness sakes!

  5. girl i'm with you! or people who wear hats at church kill me too. at least they are going to worship and God loves you the way you are, but just out of respect...

  6. bahah! there is so much i love about your blog! for one, i love this about women and purses! hilarious!

    & I felt so bad for Christina when she messed up! You got to know, she probably cried her eyes out when she walked off the field! bless her heart!

    & I also love the Superbowl commericals!! That is the ONLY reason I want the superbowl, i'm just not that big of a football gal! :)

  7. That is so true! I hate the fact that they carry up everything they own up to communion. It gets on my nerves so bad.


  8. I don't go to church, but I'm sure those things would bug me to, especially the phones and the keychains! I'll have to remember to link up next week, there are so many things that annoy me lately!

  9. Gripe - people who put music on their blog.


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