13 February 2011

Grammys what else duh!

Fashion Recap of the Grammys according to my and my opinions!

Loved The Dress. I still think she is way way way to thin...Kelly Ripa must be her idol. 

Liked it. He totally rocked the Mister Rogers Sweater. :) 

Victoria Secret called....They want their wings back Katy! Wrong show! 

She's gorgeous! I loved her hair! The entire time they were interviewing her on the red carpet my mouth was hung open wide in awe of her locks! 

Extremely Classy. Selma Blair. She should teach other preggo mommies how to dress for a big event! 

I LOVE Toni Braxton but man when will she make a come back!?! It's been FOREVER I miss her sultry voice!

Dear Cyndi it's not the eighties anymore. Love, Present Day fashion! 

Heidi looks great in anything. The End. 

Loved the Canary Yellow. She's fab.

And for this one... Christina TOTALLY REDEEMED HERSELF with a great opening act of Miss Franklins awesome songs. No flubs here. You can Read about it here. I still love her and always will. No one has pipes like her today.

There were SOOOOO many more but it gets boring having to look at a bizillion pictures so I just left it at this! Enjoy!



  1. Did you see that Christina fell though! That poor girl can't catch a break. Check it out on usmagazine.com.

  2. She is a human, and she might have messed up purpose so everyone would tune in to the grammys to get more attention! ha

    Now that would be a smart move!

  3. I love lil Wayne!! Haha not sure why but i do!!! Do you think Katy stole those wings when she performed at the VS fashion show...?

    You didn't mention my fav, Gaga... and her egg! Haha!

    Happy Valentine's!!



  4. I didn't realize how shiny Katy Perry's dress was! Sheesh!

  5. I totally love Christina Aguilera...I love Guilianna but I wish she would eat a Big Mac for about a week to be healthy.

  6. hopefully I look half as cute as Selma does when I'm preggo years from now!

    you should TOTALLY rock a Friday's Fancies this week...it's on Oscars fashion. I think you would hit it out of the park, judging by this post!

    happy valentine's day! xoxo {av}

  7. I was seriously underwhelmed at the Grammy red carpet, there were a few that stood out like Selena Gomez, but no on "wowed" me

  8. literally laughed out loud at your katy perry caption. SO true.

    selena gomez's hair = flawless

    and my crush on lil wayne is so unhealthy.
    my mom thinks i'm nuts. but he's such a doll :)
    especially in that sweaterrr

    good post!


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