24 February 2011

Photo Challenge Day 9= SNOOZE FEST!

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

Really? who wrote this question? B O R I N G ! ! ! ! ! !

No one wants to read this!!!

Therefore, I'm not answering it! 

I've decided for all the Lame-O Questions, I will come up with my own! !

I think Question Nine should be What is your secret Obsession? 

I thought long and hard about this. Could answer this anyway possible right? Food, Money, habits...etc etc... 

Nope none of the above for me. I'd say I have a secret obsession with This man

Elvis has a voice like no other male singer. Truly one of a kind. His Daughter looks so eerily like him it takes your breath away. When she sings, same thing! sounds like him! 

I think my fascination all came about because I was born in Memphis, TN where Elvis Resided. I have been to Graceland twice. Entering his house is like being taken into a secret room in the white house...I can't even describe the feeling.The Graceland Mansion is the biggest attraction in Memphis and the most-visited house in the United States besides the White House. You just feel so honored to see into someone's world...Everything is SOOO preserved the exact way Elvis lived. I LOVE THAT! 

I've even said that one day I'd totally name my daughter Presley! I love that for a name! :) 

Okay now that you all find me super strange for loving Elvis hahah 

And just in case you didn't know...here's a little fun trivia for you about the FIRST KING of Rock and Roll!

Did you know...

That Elvis NEVER wore jeans as an adult? This was simply due to that's all he wore as a child!

Elvis paid 100,000 dollars for Graceland in 1957.

Elvis and Priscilla married May1, 1967 and their daughter Lisa Marie was born nine months to the day later on Feb 1st, 1968

The upper floor is not open to visitors out of respect for the Presley family and partially to avoid any improper focus on the bathroom which was the site of his death. The upper floor, which also contains Elvis' bedroom, has been untouched since the day Elvis died.



  1. Lovely blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲

  2. I LOVE Elvis too, I live in Memphis but still have NEVER been. When I do go, I'm sure I'll love him that much more.

  3. Love this!! And I love that you're making up your own fun questions when they other ones aren't awesome..ha! :) Oh and do you follow Jennifer at Crazy Shenanigans? She loves Elvis too! I'm linking her posts with the tag "elvis" here:

  4. OMG! I love Elvis too! I think I got my love of Elvis from my Mom. She was ga-ga for the man! She even saw him in concert. As a kid, I remember my Dad telling me the story of the day he told my Mom that Elvis had died. They were only dating then and my Mom was heartbroken for days...she still is really. :(

    We ALMOST danced to an Elvis song as our first dance at our wedding...it was our 2nd choice but we ended up going with something else instead.

    Loved your post today and I'm so glad you changed the question.

    PS-I have a Marily fascination. I have tons of books/mags/memorabilia all about Marilyn Monroe. In fact, in my blogger profile I'm holding an old Time mag with MM on the cover.

  5. I've never been to Nashville or anywhere in TN, would LOVE to visit Graceland someday!

  6. My Mom is obsessed with Elvis and so is my Grandma! I do agree he was super handsome and had an incredible voice!

  7. Girl, me too! I've loved this man since I've understood how to love, HA! Isn't he gorgeous?! And talented?! My god!!!

  8. I went to Graceland last year and it was amazing!! Definitely like looking into the past. The guides were saying how they still get memorial flowers every single day...crazy!!


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