03 February 2011

Drugs and Druggies

So I was driving to work this morning, by the time this posts though, it will be a day later! Anyhow, and T H R E E radio stations were discussing Charlie Sheen and his "drug" problem.
Then this one radio host said that Charlie Sheen is actually missing the majority of his front teeth from his cocaine problem. WHAT!!>!? Are you serious!? How did I not know this? More over, cocaine makes your teeth fall OUT? Like all the way? lol I mean I had always heard that Meth literally puts/burns holes in your brain, but never heard that about coke! Oh yes folks, that means those of you who watch his show currently, he's wearing FAKE TEETH!!!! Seriously CBS how can you employ such a drug addict? How anyone can watch this show anymore is what I would like to know. The show is actually very funny, but what a disappointment from someone who has FIVE CHILDREN (eldest Cassandra (Sheen and his then girlfriend, Paula Profit, had a daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez born December 12, 1984) ( 2 Daughters Sam and Lola with Denise Richards) ( Twins Max and Bob with Brooke Mueller) that obviously he never sees them bec drugs are #1 in his life, not his kids or ex wives. The radio lady then proceeded to ask us listeners if knowing a celebrity has a drug problem changes our minds about supporting them and watching theirs shows, listening to their music etc etc. 

The radio lady then said that CBS has currently halted the filming of new episodes of Two and  Half Men which is costing Them a ridiculous amount of money! How do they put up with this? Do they really think he is worth it? Charlie Sheen is tarnishing the network! They are basically saying we don't care that he does drugs so long as he shows up for work and is "professional". 

Drugs FREAK me out. BIG TIME. Truth be told, I don't know ANYONE that does drugs or did do drugs other than in college and the occasional waif of Weed that fermented down the halls of the dorms. My whole upbringing, D.A.R.E. in elementary school kinda always instilled that Red warning flag in my head about drugs. Drugs are BAD. Drugs ruin your life. Drugs make you everything you don't want to do/be. Drugs are expensive. Drugs make you do bad things. This was enough for me to never want to have anything to do with them! 

Maybe I grew up in a bubble. Even smokers freak me out. I hate the smell, people's yellow teeth no matter how they try and hide it you can tell ( or I can anyway) and wicked smokers breath! Sorry bloggers if some of you smoke, but odds are we wouldn't really be that good of friends bec NONE of my friends smoke in 'real' life. I don't really hang out with those kinds. I can't even be outside at a bar near people smoking. It makes me wanna vomit, and I feel like I am choking for air. 

How is it okay for CELEBS to do drugs, act like it's okay and the law can't touch them? It's so messed up!!! I guess money can buy you everything...at least buy your way out of the law and jail time! 

Where is Charlie's brother in all of this?

 I can't even remember the last time I even heard of Emilio Estevez name in the news or in any movies (other than Mighty Ducks!) The eldest son of Martin Sheen. Though his father had opted to use the stage name "Sheen" over his more ethnic birth name "Estevez," Emilio chose to retain the family name, hoping to avoid riding his father's coattails. He even married the lovely Paula Abdul 1992 - May 1994 ( now divorced) and yet we never hear anything bad about him in the news!  Charlie Sheen needs take a lesson from his big brother! 

How do you tell Kids today and really get the message across to them that DRUGS ARE Bad when so many of them have parents that do them ALL THE TIME!?!?
With all the Britneys and Lindsays out there, this question would seem a formidable foe, but understandably the challenges of child rearing are perhaps more complex than the simple lessons we might learn from the foibles of others. Perhaps it's the simple move from focusing on their actions to their outcomes.

Britney's lost her babies, Lindsay's career and reputation are in dire jeopardy... However, it seems to only really affect those who had something to lose to begin with, in reality. I mean, a little bad publicity's not going to hurt someone like Paris. She's virtually untouchable, in a sense. Not only because she's learned not to care, to some degree, but because she really has nothing to lose. I mean, no matter what happens, she will always be the Hilton heiress...and perhaps that's what's most important to her, as well as, society in general.

So, really what we're talking about is a value system; one that doesn't subserviently subscribe to what society tells us per se, but rather one that is valued at the family level.

First of all, for reasons unknown, the very fact that what's going on in these peoples lives has become an important factor in our society should express clearly that most often our own values and beliefs are all we can ever truly find to be tangible. I mean, we're never going to completely agree with what occurs within the eyes of the media.

How about Whitney Houston?

 Another SUPER famous singer who has pretty much been caught doing drugs numerous times and yet the law isn't after her, and her music label doesn't drop her...
In April 2000, airport security discovered Marijuana in Whitney’s luggage. Whitney has been in and out of rehab, and also has admitted to abusing Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine and Pills. In 2006 the National Enquirer published photographs of what was reportedly Houston’s private bathroom. The counters were covered with empty beer bottles, rolling papers, pipes and powder-covered spoons and lighters. Whitney’s sister-in-law claimed that she is addicted to Crack and has nearly overdosed several times. She also claimed that Whitney often punches and bites herself until she is black and blue, thinking that the devil is attacking her. WOW. Really Clive Davis this is who you have kept on your music label for what? All last year she cancelled NUMEROUS shows claiming to be ill when in fact dear Whitney can't sing anymore...Her drug abuse has damaged her vocals a great deal!!! 

Even little miss 23 yr old former Laguna Beach Kristin has "supposedly" dabbled with coke.  Quote from a magazine:
But those close to the hard-partying Cavallari, 23, say that such antics have become more and more typical. "Her issues are becoming apparent to everyone," an insider reveals. "She's getting scary-thin and not showering regularly...She's clearly unhealthy."

News flash celebs do not get this thin this fast from eating disorders! They must think we the people are retarded and don't know the effect of drug use.

Sadly I could go ON AND ON and list even more celebs that have DRUG problems, the list is that long which is really sad to me.

Do you boycott any celebs you know are druggies? Stop watching their movies, listening to their music?

They all need to take get your shit together class from the biggest druggie their was who is now clean and sober ROBERT DOWNY JR.

Note: These are my opinions. They are not facts. Some of you may completely disagree and say They aren't druggies. I can only go by what I have read/seen/heard via news. net. and radio.  You are entitled to your opinions as am I.

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!


  1. I feel the same way about drugs as you do...I think they are scary and have never even thought of doing them. I really feel sorry for people with real problems, but on the other hand I want to just say "snap out of it"

  2. We are so the same person when it comes to being around cigarette smokers... I'm obnoxious about it, I hate the smell so much. I think it's disgusting.

    As far as drugs and celebs go, I think it's sad that none of them really seem to take their problems seriously. I guess that's what happens when you have seemingly "unlimited" money and all of these horrible things readily available to you. Going to rehab is just another thing to do and I feel like more often than not we're hearing about celebrities leaving early or relapsing when they get out.

  3. I agree with you! When Two and half men started the new season there was an article that Charlie Sheen signed a new contract because they were paying him more I think it was like a million something per episoid. Really! In general it makes me sick we don't make that kind of money for actually doing things that matter and teaching or saving lives but those that entertain are amazing! I could go on and on about this. This was such a good post becasue everyone knows and media make it known that these famous people have drug problems but why aren't they punished like someone walking on our streets caught.

  4. I totally agree with this! It is ridiculous how many stars use drugs these day, and how much it is broadcasted on TV, the radio, and magazines. However, I don't think they mind the bad coverage. As they say "bad coverage is better than no coverage at all," but I find this so sad!I have young cousins and it is terrible what they are growing up around. I wish there were better role models for children these days, because they should NOT be looking up to many of the famous people today.


  5. It's all so sad. He has demons!

  6. AMEN! I'm allergic to cig smoke. no joke. I get sick when I'm around it and the worst headaches. It drives me crazyyyy! Everyone needs to stop talking about Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan etc and giving them the attention they are asking for! Put it to rest already.

  7. I feel exactly the same way. I just cannot comprehend what causes people to make such irrational decisions sometimes - and it saddens me that such successful people have succumbed to the pressures and temptation. I once had a friend who casually mentioned that she tried coke once and it broke my heart.

  8. I don't know about you but I feel bad for celebrities. I don't think that I'd want my life and all my bad choices flaunted around for the world to see. Celebs just aren't that important; they're people that do what they love and are lucky enough to make mad cash doing it.

    Talking about all their problems, which are commonplace enough, seems to reinforce that they are "normal" and desensitizes the public to these kinds of actions. There are a lot of regular people that have drug problems that aren't celebrities but have been desensitized. They need help. Real help, not an ankle monitor and a posh rehab.

    Being in the public eye has got to be crazy scary and really invasive. Some people turn to drugs as a product of peer pressure and others because they need an escape. No matter why they started, it becomes something that controls them. I pity celebrities because they can't eat a cheeseburger without someone calling them fat. They can't have a relationship without someone either commenting or speculating about it.

    As for their drug problem interfering with work, I will continue to watch actors if I like their work. Their personal life has nothing to do with it. If a fireman was a smoker, you'd still want him to put out the fire in your house and if a mailman was a Coke addict, you'd still want him to put your mail in your mailbox.

    Not trying to be snarky, just presenting a different view. I love that you say what you mean and how you feel because you definitely have the right to your opinion. Love your blog!


  9. Drugs freak me out and I just can't believe someone would put their body through so much turmoil just for a quick high! Ugh, disgusting.

    I had no idea that Charlie Sheen didn't have front teeth!? Gross!

  10. This is an amazing post, you wrote and expressed your feelings so well. Kudos for taking a public stand as well, a lot of people are afraid to.

    I feel exactly the same way as you do. I've never done drugs in my life, ever been tempted to do them, and have steered clear of all people who do them. My Mother always said that if you don't want to become the worst of something, never try it because then you'll never have the temptation. I.E. if you don't want to become a smoker, just never try it. It seriously worked.

    I grew up with someone in my family who abuses drugs and still does to this day. Their actions, completely on their own accord and separate from my own, have impacted my life tremendously. Things I grew up with, things I've seen, and choices I've had to make were very difficult but I learned the lesson that drugs are bad and there is absolutely NOTHING POSITIVE that you will get from using them.

  11. SO TRUE! I worry about what kind of life my future kids will live because so many people are already into this junk and act like its nothing! What has this world come to? AND it IS so frustrating how these stars get away with SO MUCH.

  12. I awarded you on my blog! ♡

  13. It's scary! This posting is SO very true. It's sickening how scary this world really is.


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