07 February 2011

Scrabble Photo Challenge Vol. 1

So I am absolutely in love with Ambrosia Clark's blog! If you haven't already, check her out here!

She has one of the NEATEST photo challenges ever, and talk about relighting the fire under my ass to start taking more pictures.

The theme for Februarys challenge is :
Valentines Day {what else??!}The guidelines are simple...

1: Your entry MUST contain a word made up of scrabble tile letters, and must fit the theme.
2: It MUST be a photo that YOU took...can be new or old!
3: Please be kind and share some sweet love by visiting the other entrants blogs and leaving comments about how awesome they are!
4: Please link back to me with this button =]

Many of you know I have been desperately trying to save for a new camera...SLR by Nikon. This is no easy task on my teachers salary!!!

Aspen was my inspiration for the photo. To me, before my Mister Wonderful, there was a little face of fluff who is the animal love of my life. She melts my heart, and I just truly believe animals are all we have left (other than babies) that are pure and innocence of heart! :)



  1. Oh my goodness, that is ADORABLE!

  2. Oh my goodness! LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! Your photo came out great!!!

  3. LOVE this picture!! So adorable!!

  4. Aspen is so so sweet!! And not at all camera shy...my dog Angel gets all persnickety when she sees my camera aimed at her!
    Love is Innocent...love that!
    Thank you for your kind words ♡
    What a fantastic photo!

  5. My gracious, this has to be the sweetest picture I have ever seen! Aspen is the cutest!

  6. SO SWEET! I love, love, love this. So creative and so adorable! :)

  7. What a super cute & creative shot!

  8. This is adorable!! : ) Great idea!

  9. Precious in all ways possible!!

  10. This is absolutely adorable! I love it :)


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