07 February 2011

Superbowl Recap!

The Superbowl

recap according to C Mae..

I cheered neither for The Cheese heads or for the Steelers. First, Green Bay is Chicago's rival not to mention they defeated us to get their bid into the superbowl. Second, Most Ohio peeps hate the steelers esp when you go to college the same time as Ben did in Ohio and thus many-a-friends who knew him back then even said he's a douche bag. aka not a nice guy. Agreed. So thus, I'm not going to cheer on an almost rapist either. What is wrong with Quarterbacks these days!?!? Him, Vick (dog killer) and Brady (guy that left his GF eight months preggo) seriously I think are big jerks!

In case you missed it....My fave Christina Augilera sang our National Athem and I was SOOOOO pumped because well I truly think she is one of a kind with the set of pipes that God gave her.

And then she totally Flubbed the lyrics. ERrrrrr really X tina? You're a what-- 5 time Grammy Winner pro?? And you can't remember the right words to your countries greatest most important song!? Oy!!!!

Well, at least we know she sang it live?

The National Anthem at the Super Bowl is typically pre-recorded, but Christina Aguilera chose to sing it live for the Packers vs. Steelers game on Sunday night... and she probably shouldn't have. Yes, Aguilera messed up the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner," singing "what so proudly we watched, at the twilight's last reaming" instead of the correct words, "o'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly stream

Then there was the half time show. Was excited for the Back Eye Peas. Then I was more exited as I saw Slash and Usher be our big surprise guests in the middle of the performances.Though Slash's drop-in was a thrilling highlight, Usher's energetic, dynamic performance of "OMG"drove home just what a spectacular song it was. Full of jittery dance beats, a subtly shifting groove and one of Usher's most unusual (but excellent) vocal performances, "OMG" not only dominated pop radio in 2010 but continues to resonate in 2011 as a highly influential track Hearing Fergie sing Axel Rose's solo Sucked. Don't quit your day job Fergie. I'd take Axel over you any day! 

Of course I was wondering where was J. Timberlake!?! If they were inviting other artists on big hit tracks of theirs Where was the love for Justin? haha no pun intended WHERE IS THE LOVE!? (song title to the song/track he is on with the Black Eyed Peas) 

Does anyone else think the Black Eyed Peas should just consist of Fergie and Will.I.AM? I do. The other 2 don't sing. Like at all! hahah

Best Commercials

according to a few male friends this commercial ruined it for all single guys! HAHAH

And this was just awkward to watch....I didn't even know they were still "dating".
A Rod & Cameron Diaz

What were your fave highlights?


  1. Loved that VW commerical!! :) Super cute.

  2. Wait! Are you from Chicago? I am totally a Chicago gal, and that is the reason I had to cheer against GB too!

    I really could have cared less about the game itself, but I did love the commercials and the half-time show!

    AND! I feel the SAME way about quarterbacks! I think Tom Brady is the devil!

  3. I totally feel the same way about the QBs! Thought I might be the only one, esp about Brady!

    You're so right on CAguilera too, and what was up w her hair? That girl needs to get it together.

  4. I totally agree--the force was my favorite commerical. AND, i'd rather have XTina screw up than just lip sync--she has such a talented voice.

  5. LOVED the commercials. I wasn't impressed with the half time show though :(

  6. I showcased you on my blog, and the darth vader commercial was the BEST COMMERCIAL EVER! yes, I may have emphasized it way to much, but you catch my drift.

  7. I loveddd the Dorito's commercial where the guy licked the other guy's fingers! OMG I was dying!

  8. oh arod and cameron WERE awkward!!
    they just happened to zoom in on them when she was like feeding him popcorn or something..?
    uhh, weird.

  9. i liked the usher part of the halftime show. that was all.

  10. One of my favorite parts was Lea Michelle's singing as well!! She nailed it.


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