03 October 2010

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I looooooooooove to hike. I'd rather hike than be in a gym any day of the week. My hiking buddy went to visit her family for a week, so today Mister Wonderful took a break from lifting at the gym and came with me! Today's mountain was 4 miles.

I have been hiking in AZ now for the last 5 years. And the last time I went with my gal pal Val, I slid pretty bad and cut my hands. She made me lift my shoes to show her the bottoms and pointed out something very important! My shoes had absolutely no tread on them. NONE. haha. completely worn down to the nub.

I have had these Nike Air's since 2005. Yep that long. They have been my fave tennis shoe ever. But, since I am not a sneaker person, I didn't know how often you are suppose to replace shoes. I mean any Name brand shoe costs at LEAST 50-70 dollars and I am someone who likes to get their wear out of a shoe!

I own the same shoes in Red, my red ones are for INSIDE gym only, although I haven't worn them in forever (since I was so partial to the pink ones) This is what the tread on the bottom of the shoe is suppose to look like!

So last night mister wonderful and I spent some time trying to find a good hiking, running shoe, that wasn't a 'boot" that some serious hikers wear, and yet a shoe that has enough tread on them yet I can still run in them with no problem.  This is what I am hoping to get:

You can see the really good tread on these! Now I haven't owned a pair of adidas shoes since my soccer days in HS! So needless to say, I'll probably have to go try a pair on before I order them to make sure they fit my big size 10 foot! 

I love my nike, and I am loving my NB slip on Clog tennis shoes too. So Hopefully I will like these just as much!



  1. Way to go for being out exercising. I need to be right there with ya :)

  2. Two things. First: I'm glad you commented on my blog-- I LOVE finding new blogs to read! Second: I wear a size 10, too! It's SO hard finding shoes to fit, especially since I have pretty skinny feet. Good luck with the new hiking shoes!

  3. Tread is of MAJOR importance when hiking...glad your friend pointed that out :))

  4. Love those! We don't have anywhere to hike near me, so I'm jealous. What a great workout!


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