13 October 2010

For The Love of Photography

My Area of Concentration in Art.
Not digital. FINE ART photography. This means= FILM Cameras. Developing your own film and prints.

It's been probably 2 years since I've had a chance to shoot any film. Today I took my Canon out (it's super old LOL it was my mom and dad's from the 1970s!) today to shoot a roll of film and it got stuck!!! I freaked. I've had the camera since 2000 when my father gave it to me for my photography classes. I googled all on the net for Camera repair places....and I had to really dig around to find places that actually deal with film camera repairs not digital!

Luckily I found a place in Tempe, and they called me today to say it's going to cost $165 dollars to repair it. UGH. GULP. Like a big girl, I will grin and bear it, as I swipe my credit card once more into debt. I have to replace it. It's what I use to shoot film, and I should be thanking my lucky stars that the camera doesn't have to retire from old age! It hasn't quite become one of my antique cameras that are no longer in working order!

Here is a shot of my cameras in my living room.
And a close up of some of my retired cameras.

This one is a working camera, but it's really heavy and doesn't have a light meter in it, so I don't use it too too much!



  1. I loove cameras and photography too! I have a random question - Is Aspen a girl or boy? Reason I am asking is because Daisy will be 6 months in November and I really need to think about getting her fixed....the vet advised me to wait until she gained at least another pound...she is so tinny...I don't like the thought of having my dog put to sleep! :( Why do we get like this with our fur kids???

    ANd its been awhile since I have read any of your posts since I have been slacking and I read the one where you had a blog spy......creeeeeeepy weird!

    Hope you are enjoying your fall break!!! Must be nice, I am off to my internship tomorrow ugggggggh!

  2. This is an awsome passion! Good for you girl!

  3. Ouch! At least it will get fixed though! I took a couple photography classes in high school, I loved going back in the dark room and developing your prints... it was so relaxing and exciting!

  4. Wow, fantastic collection! I have a DSLR but that's it... I would kill to have one of those cameras.


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