29 October 2010

Celly Stuff

I suppose if I had an I phone I would so totally want this cool cover on mine!

But sadly, they don't make it for Sprint's HTC EVO. Which I can proudly say, It has the best camera on a cell phone to date. Sorry I phone! my phone takes magnificent pics! :)

The other thing I saw someone post was about an I phone App called "monogram".
via The Preppy Pink Blondie's Blog :) 
And of course, just my luck, The Market on my Sprint cell doesn't have this either. Poo :(

Anyone with an I phone wanna make one for me and send it via text/email for me to upload?

Happy friday bloggers!



  1. oh my lanta! i neeeeed that cover for the back of my phone. i love it!

  2. so cute! i love my iphone. my husband has the evo, though, so we're a split family! ha!

  3. Cute iphone ap!! And, so glad to meet someone else who also met their guy on f/b. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That thing is AWESOME! Wonder if you could find an image of the camera and make a custom "skin" from skinit.com? My husband just made a camo one because he couldn't find a case for his droid x. (camo wasn't my first choice...boys will be boys though!)

    It's a pretty neat website. :D


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