24 October 2010

Sunday = Play time with my camera +

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Mine consisted of doing NADA MUCH but some R & R time with Mister Wonderful and Aspen! Weekends are much valued to us since he works nights at the Hospital and I days bec of teaching.

As promised, he finally cooked me some Chicken Piccata it was SOO yummy! I'm so lucky that I found a guy that likes to cook because I sure don't!

Anywho, back to watching all the awesome scary Fear Fest movies that AMC has been playing!



  1. i loooove your dog!! so fluffly and cute!

    it looks like you're having fun with your camera! pretty pictures :)

  2. Great pictures! Glad y'all had a good weekend!

  3. love the pictures!!
    My husband cooks for me WAY more often than I do for him -- we are some lucky ladies! =)

  4. Love the picture of you at the end super pretty! I've been wanting Chix Picatta! Looks delicious!


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