16 October 2010

So Two Faced %

Here I am on a friday night and what am I doing? BLOGGING. ha. This is what I do when Mister Wonderful is working hard at his night shift at the Hospital. Sigh. Poor nurses and Doctors that don't get to work NORMAL hours of a job due to well people having to go to the hospital I guess!

 So a while back I mentioned my make up and how I HAD been wearing the same makeup since I was 18. Yep. THE SAME 3 things. White eyeshadow by Maybelline, Black eye liner by Rimmel, and Bare Minerals Which I didn't start wearing till 3 years ago for some "color" to my cheeks.

Old make up

  C A N   W E   S A Y   B O R I N G! ! ! ?

 I'm 28! I was so tired of seeing all these girls at the mall or stores that were obvi in college or HS and had way better make up on than me!!! I'm not blaming the fact that my mom died when I was only in middle school, BUT I just never had someone really show me what to do, how to apply it etc etc.

So about a month ago, I wandered into an Ulta just to buy another moisturizer for my face (it's AZ and my face always seems so dry) and before I know it, I am taking a gander at the make up and found my self feeling sad.....There were all these pretty shades that I knew NOTHING of how to make them look good on me. So this lady walked by, and the next thing I know we got to talking, and I found myself pouring my soul out to her how I had no idea how to apply eye make up other than the one eye shadow I had been using for years. Boy did I learn a lot! Can we say face primer? Eye concealer, and a palette of eye colors? Ha all in one night I learned all this!

So now, 300 dollars Poorer, I am the happy customer to ALL TWO FACED MAKE UP! And I have to say, I really really like all the products. A lot. The hardest switch has been no more eye liner from a pencil, but to really eye shadow as the liner, with this small little angled brush i use to apply it.

I also have been SLOWLY getting back into Nail polish. Thanks to Lovely Lauren over @ Life with a Lab blog, I went out and bought some of her recommendations for making my nail polish last longer. I'll  never paint my toes. I go get pedis for that since taking care of my feet is a huge priority since all my toe surgery.

My first Essie purchases... I wanted some fall ish colors without going to dark

The little tray that I keep my other nail polish in. I have a few Chanel colors, but to be VERY honest, I don't think their polish is worth all the money. Not the biggest fan. 

Well, now that officially am a big girl with big girl expensive make up, what make up do y'all use and can't go without!?


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  1. aww great post :) congrats on your new make up!! xoxo

  2. Ah! I so feel you. My makeup is LAME. I am always looking at girls with smoky eyes and all that jazz and I'm wondering where they learned all that from? I am so basic. I thought I was cool when I switched from blush to bronzer. There must have been some make up class in high school that I missed! ;)

  3. That looks so much fun, makes me wanna go out to Ulta and spend a lot of $$$ :)

    I am with you on the Rimmel eyeliner, I can't live without that stuff!

    Also, Christian Dior makes the best mascara, a little pricey, but totally worth it.

  4. I've also been using the same make up forever and am so ready for a change. I've heard good things about Bare Minerals? Not sure what I'll do.

    Love those Essie colors! I'll need to check out some of there stuff.

  5. You found some great things!

    I use Bare Minerals foundation and bronzer and love it! I recently got some Ulta lip gloss/lipstick stuff and love it too!

  6. wow! i am soo jealous of your makeup! i love the too faced smokey eyes kit.

    and those nail polish colors are amazing! i just painted my nails a similar shade and love it.

    love your blog.


  7. I LOVE Two-Faced makeup! Have fun playing around with it!

  8. Can I say that it's a little random to have your original makeup picture with a lighter with it as well? Ha, anyway, those brushes and make up look fabulous! Where did you find your Essie nail polish!?

    PS Just found your blog and I like it!


  9. @ Anna---The lighter is used for the eye liner...I DON"T SMOKE if thats what you first thought lol. I use the lighter to soften the eye liner...a trick some girl taught me way way way way long ago in college. :)

  10. Congrats on all your new fun stuff!! I love MAC, and you can make an appointment to have make-up applied for $50, and then use that towards any products. They have the best eye shadows, and lip gloss!

  11. I see some of my polish recommendations in your new purchases!! :)

    I've never tried Two Faced, you'll have to share what you think!

  12. Awesome!!! Good for you!!! I need to break out of my makeup box, too!!


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