14 October 2010

Love Means...


 Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neil
Love Story.

The most famous love quote of all time came from this movie.

I am very blah today. Feeling sentimental. I am missing my mom. My mom who has been dead for 15 years now. She died when I was 13.

This movie was my mother's favorite. My father took her on a date to see it when the movie came out in the 70s.

 It's heart breaking to me because this movie totally embodies my mom and dad. They were madly in love. High School Sweethearts (even though my dad went to an all boys school and my mom went to public) And much like the movie, my mother was "sick" and passed away from cancer. Leaving my father to care for his 13 yr old daughter (me) and 9 yr old son (my brother).

I find myself very attached to things my mother liked. Maybe it's my way of holding on to what things are left in this world that she enjoyed. This movie in particular.Why she liked such a sad movie I have no idea. Especially since her fate was all to much like this movie.

She also loved the movie Rocky. I own every Rocky movie there is. This one is much easier for me to understand why she likes it so much. (the love story between Adrian and Rocky of course!)

Did you know that....
My name was almost Adrian because of this! Ah! Craziness eh? Can't say I like that name all that much! So glad she changed her mind!
Well, if you are ever up for watching classics, this one is one you need to see. Make sure you watch if you need a good cry. 



  1. Hold on to everything that reminds you of your mom, I think that I would be the same way. Mr. Wonderful could have done the whole infamous, " ADDDRRRIIIAAAN!" haha :) Hope you are having a great day!

    Thank you for getting back to me about the spaying. I am actually reading a little bit about it online right now and I am thinking since we are at the 6 month mark and Daisy weighs 3 lbs now I really need to be getting her an appt. eeegggghhh! Dread it.

  2. I'm so sorry you're missing your mom. I hope you have a great weekend to help cheer you up.

  3. I've never seen Love Story, I'll have to check it out.

  4. What a sweet reminder of your mom. & what a lovely love story behind your parents.



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