21 October 2010


What's in a Name?

First before I begin, please do not take offense if I knock your name (after all you can't help what your parents named you!) Second, this blog is my OPINION and based on my PROFESSION and dealing with kids and their idiotic parents, I think I have a lot of knowledge on this subject :)

I'll back up. My Facebook post On Sunday was about hearing how Alicia Keys named her son, Egypt. I'll copy and paste my post so you can read.

Cmae: "Alicia Keys delivered her baby over the wknd and named him EGYPT!!! Does anyone else think this name is wacked? First it was Apple (Gwen Paltrow) Then Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban named their daughter Sunday....L A M E ! ! ! That's the best they can come up with?"

Monday at 9:24pm

  • Ok last year I had a Xoixa. Just guess how you say that one. This year I have a Quetzali. Or something as simple as Andrea....which could be pronounced ANN DREEE UH or ON DREA UH or Jasmine (like Disney) or JAS MEEEEEAN you know? so confusing....
    Monday at 9:37pm · 

  • Lisa Rodriguez hahah you have your work cut out for you with those damn names :)
    Monday at 10:02pm · 

  • Brandon Ray At least you do not teach in an asian community.., those names are so hard to pronounce...
    Monday at 10:22pm · 

  • Michelle Sickles Oh and let's not forget Coco, Suri, Saraphina (spelling?), Pilot Inspektor, Moses, Bluebell, Honor, and Phinnaeus to name a few!!! I just don't understand why the stars name these children crazy names!
    Tuesday at 7:35am · 

  • Stacy Herald also Maddox, Sage Moonblood, and Kyd...
    Tuesday at 2:57pm · 

  • Stacy Herald and Rumer and Tallulah Bell ...
    Tuesday at 3:00pm · 

  •  It's so lame. I'd rather they brought back traditional names like Betty, Georgia, Linda...etc etc..

I am a teacher. I 've pretty much had it  up to here with parents naming their kids thinking they are all "creative" or "unique" by changing a simple name by switching letters out. You are making it EXTREMELY difficult for educators to help kids learn to write their name and sound letters out correctly when you change and letter sounds to change the "look" of the name.

 Let's start with something like Haley. First glance, You'd say HAIL E or HAL E. So can't go to wrong with the pronunciation of that name.

Or Peyton which could be spelled Payton. Either way, the name is still said the same way.

First rule in naming a kid. DONT swap out letters if the name is not going to be pronounced that way. How about Leighton Meester's first name. ( the actress on Gossip Girls)

It's pronounced LAY TEN. Where the F*c* is the "E" sound suppose to be an "Ah" sound? Grammar says that's incorrect! I read her name and I'd say Lee Ton. not Lay. Leigh is derived from the name Lee. So annoying.

At school I have had students with these names you'll never guess how you say them!


Of course the bible names of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Michael, Christopher will always be the most popular names for boys.

In my era of growing up, the most common names for girls born in the  80s Jennifer, Elizabeth (Liz, beth, lizzie, Liza) Carrie (Kari, Kerry Kerrie,Carey,) and Jessica.

I think I read somewhere a few of the most popular names for girls today is/are Isabella (belle, Bella) Ava, and for boys Aiden, Brennan, Brendon, and of course bible names for boys.

Myself personally, I will never name my kid/kids things like Kailey, or Breanna.....those to me, scream kid name for life, don't take me seriously!

 It reminds me of the scene in Father of the bride II where Steve Martin says to Diane Keaton as they meet their doctor for delievery," her name is Megan what kind of a name is Megan?!" LOL

And how about the parents that name girl a boy name? I've actually met a few girls name Kyle. And I laugh to my self thinking man your parents really wanted a boy that bad they wouldn't give you a girl name?

So folks, if you are going to make babies, do kid a favor, NAME THEM a name they can spell, a name that won't get pronounced wrong time and time again, a name that won't be so hard to buy personalized things for them! A name they won't get made fun of at school! Kids are mean! Even at the elementary level!

Any fave names you like? Unless you are one of THOSE kinds of folks that don't share because you have this off the wall idea that someone whom you don't even know my steal your name idea! There's only so many names to go around hate to break it to ya!



  1. My mom is a teacher too and has heard some weird names too: Crochet, Dystiny, Canaan, Romeo, Angel, the list goes on and on.

    I am a fan of traditional names. My favorite girl baby name has always been Olivia (after my grandmother whose name was Olive), and then all of a sudden it became hugely popular over the last few years. Boo.

    My favorite boy name is Matthew, which happens to be the name of one of my ex boyfriends haha! But I still love the name. Yup, I'm pretty boring.

  2. I'm a big fan of the boy's name "Finn"...and its not because I'm a huge Glee fan or anything...though I am, but its been a favorite for years

  3. ahh! that list has like 4 of the names i want for my kids.. that kind of makes me sad, but happy that i'm hpefully not weird.

    and i agree with some celebrity names. some of them are just a tad absurd.

  4. I know what you mean! Some of these kids have some crazy names! Some of the kids in kindergarten I worked with have the hardest time spelling them:( I'll definitely be naming my children simple names!

  5. I have an untraditional name. so I can't complain too much, but I do hate it when parents name their kids names they can't pronounce correctly, so they spell the name wrong. I knew one lady who named her son "Brian" but she couldn't say the name right so she spelled it how she said it " Brayan". How embarrassing for the kid to grow up with a mispelled name!

  6. I agree with you completely. People think they are being unique when they name their kids crazy spellings of normal names and it drives me insane!

  7. I work in a school and the names I see are just unbelievable. Dragonfly, Credit, Nest? Seriously people?!? Can you imagine, years from now, when these kids are trying to get jobs?

  8. This post made me laugh...and empathize! I seriously don't understand names sometimes. Two kids I supervised this summer were named Blessjoey and Innocent (brothers...go figure). Haha!
    I don't get it!!!

  9. Haha, love this post. All my kids will now be named Bob, Joe and Jen. Not short for anything -- JUST JEN

  10. OMG this is true on SOOOO many levels. Obviously I'm a child of the 80's Jennifer and I have about 10 girlfriends named Jennifer.

    As for the Isabella I just made a shirt for an order, my boss named his Isabella, same with two bloggers.

    I personally though am going to do the boy names for girls I like it.

    But I agree with the changing of letters I thought that's what Leighton's name was not Lay-ton. Weird.. A friend named her daughter Tailor like okay are you going to the Tailors? it should be Taylor.

  11. Ha aweh!
    I like the name Sunday! :)
    I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to names, and I don't think I would ever switch the letters around all weird, (how would I be able to spell their name right?!)


  12. I love the names Kaydence, Sophia, Tayetum, and Quinn.

    I think that kids are going to get made fun of regardless, though. You can try so hard to choose a name that wont get made fun of but kids will find some way to make fun of it still, or their last name. Or for any reason really. I don't think a name would be a main reason for a kid to get made fun of although I do believe if a parent spells it awkward or names then a really outrageous name, it's a given.


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