07 October 2010

Fit for a King! :)

So it appears I have a mystery spy! Well not really a spy, but someone that somehow found my blog via facebook that knows my Mister Wonderful, and doesn't know me. This someone went and told Mister Wonderful's Step mom who then in turn, told his dad, that he wasn't buying me flowers.

They read my post about me buying myself some flowers and said something!! Not cool! Shame Shame! Apparently they haven't read all my posts...because if you scroll back to April, Mister Wonderful sent me flowers to my school the day before my big teacher of the year banquet! Ahem! So there!

Well, no worries. I could care less if he buys flowers or not, Mister Wonderful just spent 2,000 dollars on our new mattress!

They are suppose to roll this Red carpet roll out as they enter in with your new mattress..

We are soooo excited! We upgraded from my Queen to a top of the line Sealy pillowtop posturepedic Mattress. It's AWESOME! I took some pictures the night it came, but they aren't anything exciting..:( sorry guys! I am waiting for all the bedding to arrive before I snap pictures of the outcome!

So, needless to say, we are both on budgets for a little while till our credit cards are paid off! I just charged 600 dollars from Anthropologie for all this bedding, and 3 decorative pillows from Etsy!

You may recall seeing this picture that I posted in July.

This was our old bed and bedding from West Elm. I Love the store, but this was TERRIBLE quality for the high price. I had the bedding in Feb of last year is when I got it. The duvet cover is NOT durable. And I mean just from pulling the covers up to our necks at night it would rip. All those little bunching seams that you see that is what I am talking about. They would rip. BADLY. I would not recommend buying this! I really LOVED the style though, so I knew I would want something simliar...so that's where the Anthropologie came in!



  1. I'm so jealous! I want a king so bad but I think our room is too small :(


  2. Cant wait to see the bedding. I am in desperate need of some also. Did you get it from Anthro then?

  3. New beds make life amazing and like you did, it gives an excuse to shop for new bedding. :D

  4. this summer we also went from a queen to a king and spent BUCOOOO BUCKS!!! $3000 for the bed and matress, but well worth it for the SUPER god nights rest that we are both getting! so... i appreciate your bed post b/c i did the same thing- haha! http://keepingupwiththesonneks.blogspot.com/2010/07/weekend-recap-ii.html

    xo- A

  5. Boo for annoying people trying to get you in trouble!

    Yay for a new king bed! LOVE the king size!!

    Love the bedding! Hopefully the Anthro version holds up better!!!

  6. That looks SO comfy. Makes me wanna nap :)

  7. You got the Cirrus bedding!! You'll have to let me know how it holds up, I have been eyeing it for over a year and just haven't taken the plunge. Looks amazing!!

  8. WoW...that mattress tops flowers ANY DAY!!! What a wonderful man you've got :) Besides...flowers die, but love lasts forever!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead. And yes...i'm heading to AZ. Can't wait to enjoy that weather.

  9. the bedding is fabulous!!!

    oh how we love our king bed :)

  10. I've had my eye on that West Elm bedding for a year, so thanks for the review. We definitely don't need anything that will fall apart. New mattresses are exciting! It's amazing how much better you sleep.

  11. ugh I need a new mattress too! So much money to dish out!!
    So you have a spy... ewww. do you know who it is?


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