05 January 2011

Bah dah bup bah bah--I'm lovin it Wednesdays

I'm Lovin..............


 That my Boots came! I had these on Dec 22nd, but I originally ordered a size 10, bec most of my boots and tennis closed toe shoes are 10...These felt huge...So I took them back to Nordstrom, and had to re order a 9.5    They were supposed to be re delivered to my house on Dec 30th. Bahhhahahaha. Yeah that didn't happen. UPS tracker said Severe Weather. Change of Delivery. Ahem.....I live in AZ? What severe weather? Oh that stupid snow that we never got.  Anywho.....

So needless to say, I am excited to wear with my new skinny legged jeans ! woohoo!

I am lovin that the Bachelor is on!!!!!!!! I don't know why people HATE on Brad. So he didn't pick anyone big deal. He did what was right for him at the time. That's why he is back!

 I had this convo with a friend of mine on FB duh.

And when I wasn't chattin with her, I was texting/ messaging Jess aka Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink Oh My--vigorously about our fave contestant EMILY!!! :) What a southern DOLL!

As for this chick...

She has got to go!!!! Fangs!?! Are you kidding me? And the fact that Brad even considered her intriguing or attractive!? EWwww you lost cool points B-rad. Not cool!

I'm lovin my dog's latest sleeping poses. No joke last night she laid with her paws straight out stiff as a board and she was OUT!

                 Here she has her lovie. aka mister squeaker fox. 

And I'm lovin...

I got A  LOT of new catalogs in the mail. Ugh. What torture. I saw many cute things in West Elm. Why are they so dang expensive?



  1. Okay, so my dog has recently started to sleep with all 4 legs straight out too -- what's in the water for these pups?! Your boots are making me want to run out to Nordstrom today (no joke!) and buy them.. I'm in love! Umm, rings please??? ;)

  2. I have a TON of catalogs I need to look through!

  3. I love how Aspen sleeps...too cute!

  4. Thank you for the sweeeeter than sweet shoutout to me on your blog girlfriend! I love that we have been able to make such great friends through Blogger!! Uhmm loving the boots! I am heading to Nordstrom as soon as you tell me the style and item number! bahaha. I was JUST thinking the other day how I have ALL tan and cream colored boots, no cute black ones AND NO grey ones! HELP!! I know alllll about the customer service reps and UPS...I have been fighting with bookbyte.com from the 28th- yesterday trying to get my dag-burned (I will not curse) TEXTBOOK for class that starts in a couple weeks! Supposedly it is coming TODAY! We shall see.

    Aspen is thee cutest!! She makes me want to have a little pom someday! She is sleeping like a diva haha...divas have hard days mom!

    I am still not over Bradley keeping Draculas great-granddaughter the other night. Its for ratings I am sure.
    ok. longest post. ever!!
    Hope work is going good for you today!!

  5. Your new boots are fabulous! I also have a ton of catalogs coming in the mail these days! It's so fun looking at the stuff, but yeah, everything is super pricey!

  6. So I'm sure you know my my feelings on the bowl game. Ouch! At least it was interesting right? Haha
    But I do LOVE those boots! I'm starting to think I need them right now!

  7. i have those exact same naughty monkey boots!! i LOVE them, they are the comfiest boots ever!! bad thing, i sprayed mine 2-3 times with protective spray and salt and water still left marks on them :( so if you wear them in snow, just a warning. i'm bummed i won't be able to wear them next year, unless i can figure out how to clean them really well.
    my gussy always sleeps just like your baby and he looks the same, except he is black. i love when he is laying on his back and he has his paws up and he stretches, reminds me of a baby.
    pups are just the sweetest :)
    and i think i'm one of the very few who is not into the bachelor.

  8. Haha that is absolutely adorable how your dog sleeps. And yes...fangs girl...GOT.TO.GO! Emily IS a doll :)

  9. Love the boots and Aspen is the cutest thing!

  10. Haha, when Bodie sleeps like that, I get worried and check for him breathing. I'm so paranoid!

    Catalogs are my weakness...I cannot afford anything right now! Oh the temptation.

  11. I love those boots!!

    Aren't catalogs a tease? I love to recreate those fashion looks from the catalogs too...

  12. oh little sleeping poms are irresistible!!

  13. those boots are fab! so cute!

  14. Gah, I love getting catalogs, but then hate it because I can never really afford to buy anything from there. I mean, come on, are food and toilet paper really more important than the latest V Secret magazine?? Haha.

  15. 1. yeah the movie is not bad just different from what I'm use to, which is fine.
    2. I loveeee those boots.
    3. This is one of my favorite songs.

  16. Don't you just love opening the mailbox and finding a whole bunch of catalogs or magazines! Instantly brightens up my day. I'm with you on Emily from the Bachelor...by far my fav girl. :)

  17. I'm having a boot fetish right now and so I'm loving those boots you got too!


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