25 January 2011

Tell It To Me Tuesdays

1st Edition :) 

After much discussion with a few fellow bloggers, I decided that I would finally make up my own little day of the week "what I'm Lovin" type topic!

So from what I've seen on blogs, there is Misc Monday, What I'm Lovin Wednesday, or Wordless Wednesday, And There is one for Five Question Friday.

But let's be honest. Not every week we have something we LOVE. ha. (boyfriends husbands kids exception of course.) Do you ever need a day that you would just like to post something that bugs ya? I do! haha. It doesn't have to be anything horrid, perhaps a pet peeve or something someone totally did to annoy you.

My inspiration for this comes from Cosmo. How many of you read it each month like I do? And how many of you love reading the last page in cosmo called the BIt*h it out picture page?

Did the lightbulb go on? DING DING DING!!!!

Thus, Tell It To Me Tuesdays!

I Wanna know (What the heck is bothering you!) Just simply post a picture of it, write a few sentences and then link up to see what others have posted!

I'll Start.


So lately while driving I have been noticing MORE and More of this...

Are you kidding me!?!?!?! Who does that????? TWO hands to text and not hold the steering wheel? Are they nuts? nope, just ridiculously stupid and selfish. Endanger the lives of others. Great idea.

And I don't know if it's more of an annoyance that this chick is texting when she is suppose to be working on her cardio, or the fact that she is on gym equipment taking her sweet time while she texts...

Well, TELL IT TO ME girls!

Let's see what you snap pics of throughout the week of your little things you want to share that just bug ya! :)

I realize somedays will be harder than others, esp if you don't leave your house or you work from home, as well as some of us are not as camera shy to just snap pictures on our cell of people in public, but I am hoping y'all will over come those fears!



  1. Love this post, I might have to steal the idea!! Omg I can't stand drivers that text and drive, I almost lost a friend to it!!! Really you can't give up an hour or two on your phone while at the gym! The nerve of some people!!

    Happy Tuesday Cassie!!

  2. What a great idea! I will def be linking up next week :) I already had my girl scout cookie post scheduled for today and am too busy to post another haha but I def will!

  3. Bitch it out is the FIRST thing I read in Cosmo :) I subscribe to it so I get so excited when it comes in the mail each month! Great idea!

  4. love this day of the week =) I plan on participating =)

  5. This is such a cute idea! I have a post already written for today, but I will definitely be linking up next week!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this post lady! You can bet your socks that i will be snapping pics on my phone of things that annoy me. Should i send them to you?:) LOL. Here's a short list i thought of....

    (1) Those who walk as slow as they can in front of you (2) When someone takes up TWO parking spaces (3) Guys wearing their hats backwards

  7. Can I link up an old post, just for today? I wrote one where I had a few rants about things and I was going to link it up. Next week I'll write a new post! Let me know! : )

  8. Just found your blog, I completely agree about the phone and the gym! Do people really think they're that important that they can't ignore their phone for an hour or two? Geez!

  9. You would have to have an amazing talent to be able to text with two hands while driving at the same time. Wow, people never cease to amaze me.

  10. Hey girl! I googled it because I didn't know how to correctly word it to where it made sense so, here it is: "The sciatic nerve (also known as the ischiatic nerve) is a large nerve fiber in humans and other animals. It begins in the lower back and runs down the lower limb. It is the longest and widest single nerve in the human body." Basically, when I walk, sit, run my whole left leg hurts. The pain shoots from my lower back all the way to my toes! NOT fun at all lol!

  11. Yes I love readint bitch it out in cosmo I love the real photos lol. I totally agree with your choice! People don't realize how fast something can happen when driving. And i did my post about people at the gymtoo :)

  12. What a lovely blog! I'm so happy that I found it :) I can already tell it'll be my top reads. hope you'll stop bye and say hi!



  13. I am loving the way your blog looks! I'm also loving your new tuesday thing and I will def be joining.
    I am really going to follow up with the baked goods haha I'm actually a inspired baker and hope to have my own bakery one day so of course I test "my products" out on anyone I can. I will let you know how it turns out :)

  14. AH! I love the idea.
    I have had a day and if I had not just posted I would totally play along.
    Here is my gripe of the day:
    Cop in front of me today talking on cell phone in one hand and smoking a cig in the other all while driving, protecting and serving. REALLY.

  15. ha! Super cute idea!!! And the whole texting in cars, gyms, etc totally drives me bananas too! Have you seen that commercial where even the cell phone company makes fun of us for texting too much? okay, I might have gone to find it to link it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHlN21ebeak It's so freaking hilarious and SOO true!

  16. Oh girl, I cant stand BOTH of those things! I hate how glued people are to their phones. Like seriously... you REALLy dont need it at the gym. And I REALLY wish texting while driving would be banned in all states. I have had some close calls myself and have chosen to not text and drive. Seriously, what is SO important that it can't wait? Gr. I am totally linking up with this next week! LOVE :)


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