27 January 2011

Inspiration from Jan Brett

First, I must give credit and say this isn't my lesson. The other art teacher I work with at the first school I teach at in the AM taught this. I haven't liked much she has taught all year. Probably a mean thing to say but she's an older gal, and well I'm fresh outta school (6 years since college to be exact ha!)

Anyway, I walked in yesterday and saw these and was in AWE! They turned out so good~~ The Stockings were done by 3rd Graders, and the Hats by 4th or 5th not sure. The whole inspiration behind this was not only winter, but the awesome author Jan Brett. A must have in most art classrooms!

This is a great lesson on LINE DESIGN AND TEXTURE. I am really excited to try this out next year. My kids will have a shit fit if I were to lay this on them right now. I already got a complaint yesterday that they asked me why we were still making Christmas projects (we're not but anything snowman ish or winter animals for some reason to them is Christmas??) I don't get it but oh well.

Anyway, the last picture is the Teacher's Example.

Here's a few Joan Miro' Fantasy Creatures my Second graders created recently. Surrealism is a wee bit hard to have them remember, so the easiest way to have them relate I told them to think about crazy dream like creatures and use those as their inspiration. This is what I got:

This week is flying by! Have a good one bloggers! :)



  1. i just want to say that i love your blog :)

    i suck at drawing :( those pictures with the monsters are great. they draw 100% better than me.

  2. I love seeing your students artwork! And Jan Brett has the best books.. I always love looking at the illustrations! That is such a great idea for an art project.. those hats and stockings turned out great!

  3. Yikes...those monsters from their dreams are a little scary!!

  4. i used to love art class when I was in school, even in high school :)

  5. Haha, their monsters look pretty awesome! Those stockings turned out great, sounds like a good art project!

  6. I love seeing the art projects you do. Too cute! I don't remember doing anything this cool in art class.

  7. Loving all the artwork from your students. I swear you have some creative students! ANd I love the drawings of the socks too! That book looks really cute!!


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