13 January 2011

Sock Monkey Luv

Aspen went for her monthly fluff and puff at Petsmart. Since I was feeling like a mean mommy (because I didn't get her anything for X mas) I bought her a new squeaker toy. One I just couldn't resist! Aren't sock monkeys the cutest? I think so!!! Ignore my annoying voice on the clip lol I DO NOT talk to my students this way or any kids for that matter, just the dog. Ha.

I'm really bad about doing this stuff, but since I got this award twice within 2 days, I figured I'd better answer 7 random facts/tid bits about myself for accepting the Stylish Blogger Award.

So thanks To MACKY MADNESS & SWOFF-HOUSE for thinking I am worthy of reading!

{1} I can recite the Presidents in Order pretty fast. I have my 8th grade teacher to thank for that. 

{2} As a kid, I was allergic to Milk and CARPET! Weird right? 

{3} I cannot snap my fingers. No joke. I'm dead serious.

{4} I am terrified of being bald of losing  my sweet hair. I have a dented head... (I think I was dropped as a baby on my head or something to have an indent that much!)  

{5} I am totally that girl that will get up to brush her teeth then jump back in bed to have that first morning kiss with her man :) aka my mister wonderful :) 

{6} I can't wear my hair up in pony tails for long periods of time, or headbands or wear sunglasses for more than a few hours on my face. I get headaches easily from these things for some reason! 

{7} I am very self conscious when it comes to MATH. Let's just say I am calculator dependent. 

I'd pick who I'd pass this award on to, but I love ALL my blogs that I follow, and more than likely they are listed on the side of my page already. That list changes too! 

In Bachelor News....


I'm kinda mad. Last night I was about to log off FB, and I get an IM chat from a friend. And without warning her opening statement is this:

What!?????? She blurbs that she thinks she found out who the top two are for the show and I know your hearts are breaking when y'all hear this...Emily makes it to the end but doesn't get picked?!?! What the heck right? How can that be true.!? 

Well since my friend has no filter and spilled the beans I went ahead and looked up on Reality Steve who has been notorious known for being right when it comes to who the Bachelor picks in the finale each season. That's all I'm gonna say. They never pick the one you want. GGRR! 

Here's another article I read online about it too read here



  1. Excuse me while I go and pick myself up off the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!


    One word: Vienna CMae! haha YOUR GIRL!!! hahahahahahahahaha

    -- You're going to kill me, I know-

    btw, BILL me for my latest IT Emergency from last night hahaha

  2. AND! Aspen is theee cutest!! LOOK at that DIVA FLUFF-n-PUFF!!

    She cracks me up because Daisy does this with her new toys, once you give it to them its like MIIINNNNE hahaha Its like they're afraid you will decide to take it back from them!

    Cute cute!!

  3. That video of Aspen is too cute! My little Daisy loves getting a new toy every now and then :)

    How neat that you can recite all the Presidents!

  4. Kevin always gets the inside scoop from work on reality shows and it BUGS THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!! He always ruins everything. Argh. Haha

  5. Aspen is SO adorable!! I sometimes wish that my babies were this little!!

    I am totally with you on getting up to brush your teeth and THEN going for the first kiss. Ewww to morning breath.

  6. I'm kinda jealous that you can recite the presidents in order. My BF can do the same, but it's b/c he's a dork! ;)

    I can only snap my fingers on my left hand, which is weird b/c I am right handed, so I would think it would be my dominate hand, guess not!

  7. Then hopefully Emily is the next bachelorette!

  8. I cant believe supposedly bachelor brad doesnt pick emily , what a let down.

    I too cant snap my fingers and get headaches after my hair is in a pony tail and head bands etc , your not the only on girl! I totally would do brushing the teeth before first kiss in the morning too if i had a dude! LOL :)

  9. I'm so with you on #4...I always say someone must have dropped me as a baby as I have this odd dent (and here I thought I was the only one with a head dent) :-D

  10. I get the sammmme headaches, and I love headbands, so it's a bummer.


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