08 April 2011

To Clarisonic or Not?

How many of you own this?

Or this one? 

Obviously the first one is significantly much higher in price. I was wondering if it was worth the money?!?

If you have used either leave me a little diddy about it!

Do you use your own facewash with it, or the Clarisonic brand?



  1. I have a Clairsonic and I love it. I have never tried the Olay one, but The Clairsonic really works. My skin just feels better when I use it and looks better. I never feel like my skin is "clean" when I don't use it. I don't use the Clairsonic brand face wash though. Mine came with samples, but I did not like them. I prefer something that lathers so I either use Purpose (from any drug store, somes in a pump bottle) of Clinique liquid facial soap. I hope this helps!

  2. Hey there! I just went through looking at the same things, and found the Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush. It has the whole sonic thing going on, but isn't near as expensive as the Clarisonic and I've seen pretty good results. I use my own face wash with it also. I think it was around $40 on Amazon.

  3. I love my Olay Pro X!!! I would recommend trying it first before you splurge on the Clarisonic. I've used it for 2 mos and can see good results (pores are smaller, more even tone) I use a gentle cleanser that came with it!

  4. I don't have one but I have heard great things about them. Right now I'm not in a position to buy one on a whim since we are saving for a house...but I am so interested in trying it out! wonder if they have a trial kit?? they send it to you and 30 days later you send it back?? that would be sweet haha

  5. i just done a post asking the same thing lol.. I am interested in one of these.. Look forward to seeing the results!! new to your blog and love it!

  6. I was going to get the mia but decided I would try the Olay Prox first just to test it out and so far I have had good results! I use my own exfoliating face wash (but it does come with a sample of Olay facewash). I keep it in the shower since it's shower friendly and the steam of the shower helps open my pores for a better cleanse! It has two speed settings to choose from also! I am overall satisfied so far

    Hope this helps!


  7. I'm curious about these as well! I saw the first one on another blog, and she had amazing things to say. $150 IS steep though.

  8. I have not tried the Olay ProX but I do have the Clarisonic ( in pink ) and I love it. When I don't use it, my face just doesn't feel as clean. Its def worth the price but it wouldn't be a bad idea to try the ProX first :)

  9. I've been wanting to splurge on the clarisonic for a while now so I will be back to see what people say about it!

  10. I've never tried either but am very tempted!

  11. I'm curious about these as well!! I think I will definitely try the Olay one and see how it goes! They seem to have pretty good reviews! x

  12. Either way, you must purchase one of them! A face brush is the best invention!

    I own the Clarisonic Mia and have never looked back. It's amazing and I've noticed that my skin is so much more refined and smooth.

    I've heard wonderful things about the Olay brush. In fact, a lot of people like it better. (Sorry, I'm not much help, am I?)

    The difference between the two is that the Clarisonic uses sonic technology. The brush just vibrates super quickly. It doesn't spin around in circles, but you are supposed to manually move it around in a circular motion.

    The Olay brush head actually spins, it doesn't vibrate.

    Either way, they are both exfoliating and help you get down into the pores. They both claim to make your face products six times more effective with the brush's use.

    I think the Olay has a money back guarantee, so you could always try it and then get your money back if you aren't impressed.

    Happy weekend, girl!


  13. I was curious as well and purchased the olay pro x. I got it from walmart for $17 so I figured you could not beat that price. I have been using it for about a month, at night, in the shower and enjoy the daily exfoliating. I used my own face wash though!

    Try it out. You won't regret it :)

  14. I have been debating this for awhile but Im going to try Olay Prox first and use a gentle face wash, like Purpose. I don't think it is necessary to always use theirs. I hope it works out because the Clarisonic is a lot more expensive!

  15. I got the Clarisonic for Christmas and I love it! I don't use it with the face wash that it came with though... I didn't really like the stuff. I've actually started using Proactiv and I use it with that every other night and it makes my skin feel so good. I didn't use it last week while I was sick (just out of pure laziness) and I noticed my skin getting all flaky and gross but as soon as I used my Clarisonic again my skin got much better! I would say it's definitely worth the money.

    Oh, and I have really sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me at all!

  16. I've been using the ProX for about 3 weeks. My skin hates me but this has made a definite improvement!!

  17. Thank you for posing this very important question! They have been everywhere on the blogsphere! I'm looking forward to seeing which one you chose!

  18. Thanks for posting this! I have so wanted to buy one or the other and just not sure. I have terrible skin and I have read about these for what seems like forever! I have loved reading everyones reviews! If you get one let us know which one!

  19. I have used the Clarsonic a few times at my friends house and it is AMAZING! However $150 is a tad too much for me to spend. So I got the Olay Pro X and while I don't use it everyday but have been satisfied with the results.

    What I do love and you all will laugh is Susan Lucci's Youthful Essense. http://www.youthfulessence.com/
    My mom let me try hers and I noticed an immediate difference the first time I used it. I definitely recommend trying it. It's $29.95 and def worth it. :)

  20. I have both! I'll break it down..

    Clarisonic: does not rotate, just pulsates which is great for large pores because it does essentially a gentle loosening / extraction type job.. Also it leaves your skin incredibly smooth, soft, and feeling clean!

    Olay Pro-X: This brush head actually spins. I think it is a little tougher on the skin, but it cleans really well.

    I use the Clarisonic Mia on my face, neck, decollette and the Olay Pro-X on my elbows, knees, etc for extra exfoliation when I need it.



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