04 April 2011

What's Up Her A$$?

Ever get those people that stop you, mind you they are a complete stranger to you, and yet they have the audacity to say to your face, "SMILE!" or "You must be having a really tough day." 

I can't even count on my hands how often people would tell me this while I was waitressing. It would get to the point where I would want to smack them or spit in their drinks! ( no worries, I didn't do any of those things haha) but those comments sure gave me those momentary feelings like I wanted to! 

News flash people.... It's utterly impossible to have a smile plastered to my face 24/7 7 days a week.

So when I saw this posted over here, I thought I def have to reblog this image!

What?!?! Cmae have CBF? (chronic bi*Ch face?) Why yes. Hi I'm C Mae. And I suffer from CBF. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Here's some of my CBF captured moments. 

These probably don't look bad to you. In fact, I had a hard time even finding these 2 pictures....when ever my CBF shows up in pictures they are usually immediately axed...So thus I can only share these 2 for the moment. 

A huge fear of mine is the day I get married I am going to hate most of my wedding photos. I am one of THOSE people where if the camera doesn't catch my face just right, i look WEIRD. And I mean freakin weird. 

Speaking of Weddings.....

I found these online..What do you think?

Personally I think that would hurt my finger, but that's only my guess. 

I really love this idea...

I showed this to Mister Wonderful and he really liked it! Woo hoo! rather than an inscription, he'd have my finger prints on the inside of the band. Pretty unique right? I thought so! :) 

Then the other night I told Mister Wonderful that I would hope that he would take me with or want my input when it comes to picking out a ring someday. He replied, "What you don't trust my judgement?" 

And I had to lay it out there and say, "Babe, this is a piece of jewelry that I will be wearing for the REST OF MY LIFE."  This means everyday. Uh Yeah, I'd hope you'd want to know what I like first before blindly taking a guess or a shot in the dark at what you "think" I would like.

I only said this to him because a friend of mine  posted a picture of her engagement ring.

This ring to be exact. 

Mister Wonderful goes, "What's wrong with this ring?"


are you for real? Oh boy we are in a lot of trouble if he is asking me this right ladies? haha

Note....I am not insensitive....To each their own when it comes to style and size and shape. But as far as I go, this isn't it for me. I'm a very creative person. I like really unique things (to a certain point nothing wacked out) And I would want my middle diamond to stand out from the band. That might made me an uber size bitch but it's my opinion. FOR ME. Period. 

Maybe now comes the time where I post that ring I once found online incase you are reading this Mister Wonderful! hehe

Yes babe, if you are reading this I'm one picky Bia when it comes to jewelry!!

 I told him this from day one of dating me!!! ALL of my fine jewelry was purchased by me. Never a boyfriend due to this problem I have of having very few things I truly do love to wear! 



  1. First, you don't look WEIRD! I've had people think that I'm pissed or upset but how can I smile ALL THE TIME? Also, I love the rings you picked out. I like unique as well and if YOU have to wear it forever you better like it!

  2. I met a girl with CBF this weekend. She wasn't helping her case at all by caking on the black eyeliner and never venturing more than 2 feet from her bf who was quite friendly.

  3. Nothing wrong with wanting some say in the ring you will wear for the rest of your life! I'm the same way. I feel like it takes some of the pressure off of him too, if he has an idea of what you want.

    And ugh, I hate when people think they can say stuff like that to perfect strangers. How do you know I'm not just deep in thought? So rude!

  4. this doesnt make you a bitch at all! Dont worry...every girl has their heart set on THE perfect ring :) We've all wandered into Tiffany's or searched online at the perfect ring haha

    Your choice is BEAUTIFUL! And I bet your man will pick out a beautiful ring for you one day!

    I get what you mean about smiling all day. Sometimes, i just CANT. I like to think of myself as a nice person but cant be smiling 24/7 haha

    xoxox happy monday pretty!

  5. I totally agree.. I picked out my first engagement ring, and my second one (hopefully to come soon) was on my Christmas list this year for the beau.

  6. This is so funny b/c I have good friends who got engaged this past weekend on their 10 year anniversary (10 year? OMG!!!!) Anyhow, he got down on his knee, said all the cute stuff, but didn't have a ring. It's exactly how she wanted it to go b/c they went looking for rings this weekend together. She's super picky and she wanted to pick her own ring and even though they had looked together before, he knew he wouldn't get it perfect, LOL!!

    Oh, and I have chronic bitch face too. Really, I do. When I'm not smiling I look super serious. I think it has something to do with my high eye brows and smaller lips. Nothing about my face says "kind" or "sweet" when I'm not smiling and I hate it!!

  7. i, too, have CBF. i think i get it from my mom. i even try to do a "half smile" and when i looked at my "half smile" in the mirror...it still wasn't a smile at all. oh well.

  8. Hilarious! I love this. And your ring taste ! Gorgeous! I'm with you on never wanting something totally generic and not creative.

  9. I have that same problem! I get lots of compliments on my smile, but when I'm not smiling, even if I'm in a great mood, I always hear the same obnoxious comments for me to "smile!" or "it's not so bad!". I once walked past a group of teenage boys in the mall, and after I passed them, I overheard one say "whoa, did you see how pissed that girl was?!". I guess it doesn't help that I tend to walk fast, too, lol!

  10. Sometimes I wish I had CBF, I think I look nicer than I am so people always ask me to do things for them. Sometimes, I want to be like "Just because I look sweet doesn't mean I am!!"

  11. I feel I look weird also; in pictures if I don't get caught at the right angle-although I'm sure you don't!
    And I love your ring choices!!!
    So pretty and unique!

  12. Haha! I love this post! I totally have CBF. I also don't realize that my facial expressions show exactly what I'm thinking. If I'm disgusted you'll know it without me saying a word. I totally agree with you on the engagement ring front! You'll be wearing it everyday for the rest of your life! You deserve to love it! :)

  13. I love this post! I have CBF too... people always think I'm mean before they get to know me. I can't help that I have that look!

  14. Oh my! I love your ring choice!! Here's to you getting the perfect ring just made for you!! And the finger print band is such a unique idea!

  15. haha you totally crack me up. I completely agree. Couldn't agree more. I suffer from CBF as well. It's weird how people always think you're giving them a dirty look or something! I feel ya girl. And yes..very important for you to pick something out because you don't want anything you hate! Guys suck at jewelry picking out!

  16. bahahaha about the first half of the post! so true, i have it too.

    also, if you're picky about jewelry there's no reason not to have some input on your ring. like you said, you're going to wear it forever. maybe you could make a wishlist at a jewelry store, i know robbins bros has it available. that way he has something to choose from and you can comment on each item about what you like/etc about it.

  17. cbf is hilarious!!! i know some people that suffer, but you do not strike me as one of them! also, i think that it is an awesome idea to go together to pick out a ring & then have the proposal be a surprise. speaking from experience: there is an amazing bond that is formed over choosing a ring & a diamond that is something that you both absolutely love. the photos of the rings that you like are so unique & gorgeous..hope you get one:)

  18. I have CBF too. People piss me off when they tell me, JUST SMILE. How can they tell if I'm happy or not?! I'd look stupid if I just went around smiling all the time. Idiots...

  19. LOVE the rings you picked-gorgeous!!! I totally agree with you about picking out your rings-they will be on your finger for the rest of your life. My pet peeve is when guests walk up to me at the desk and say smile. Bite me. I also love when people say "oh you look tired." Gee thanks!

  20. I'm new to your blog (found you via Casey over at Poodleism) and I am loving it! Thanks for giving me another source of entertainment throughout the day :)
    Jenn @ http://jamiffer.blogspot.com

  21. HI! new follower here! LOVE the ring you picked out! And I have to say, I completely agree on the ring picking out issue...ask my husband how I was! hehe

  22. Ha! I totally suffer from CBF! A couple weeks ago I was at the store in line (with a trillion people in line and TWO cashiers) this woman comes up behind me, says "two cashiers, that's it?" I nod and say "yea, can you believe it?" after a pause she turns to me and says "you look tired." WTF???? I mean, I WAS tired, but who says that to a total stranger? Ugh!
    I 100% agree with you on the ring thing. I insisted on choosing my own engagement and wedding rings. It spoiled the surprise a little, but I am totally happy with it!I think that's better than having him surprise you- you hate it- and have to hurt his feelings by asking to exchange for something you DO like - or living with something you hate. Jewelry- esp. your wedding jewels are WAY too important.

  23. Why are you doing this to me, I love rings. Now I want to surf the net for rings although the ones YOU chose are amazing, definitely my style too!!! I love creative, unique rings. One big diamond with a thin band is my fave. Timeless & classic!

    Oh...and I HATE when people do that. Just because you're not smiling does not mean you're having a bad day. If you're walking down the street alone, are you supposed to have this huge ass smile on your face? People will think you're an idiot then haha so I guess it's a lose lose lol.

    Those photos are awesome, you're so beautiful! I hope you're having a great day friend! xoxo

  24. LOVE your blog! Found it via my real-life friend Lindsay (http://lindsayinnewhampshire.blogspot.com/) and am so excited to add you to my list!

    Totally agree with you on the wedding rings...so much better that your future hubby knows what you like rather than you opening up the engagement ring's jewelry box and having a not-so-great, hard-to-fake-a-happy-smile reaction! I have nightmares about that...

  25. I have a natural frown, so I always have CBF...it's SO ANNOYING when people ask me to smile, or "it can't be that bad."...I'm happy, just my calm face is "sad". Jeez...p.s. they should mind their business. LOL

  26. Hahaha wow! Where do I begin?! I LOVED this post and you brought a laugh outta me tonight while I'm doing school work (except for right now of course!) hehe. I'm so like you with wanting a unique ring. I didn't want something that looked like everyone elses! Luckily after lots of web surfing my mom offered me my great grandma's ring which is cool and different bc it's a bypass ring, so no center stone - 2 diamonds, cause why have 1 when you can have 2 right? ;) Secondly YES I hate it when random ppl butt into your day and act like therapists! Back off sista! You tell em girl. But I really liked those pics of you btw! Very model-esque!
    Ok I think I'm done!
    Cat @ Budget Blonde

  27. OMG I hate when people say that.... so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And yes, fine jewelry must be OK'ed in advance... you'll be wearing it forever!!


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