25 April 2011

Tripod Question

Dear Fellow Bloggers who own a DSLR or perhaps the Nikon D3100 like I do:

Are all tripods created Equal?

What I mean by this is, say I find a random one on Amazon, and buy it.....it should fit my Nikon D3100 right?

I didn't know if you buy a tripod does it automatically fit all digital cameras, or are there only certain tripods made for certain cameras?

Photo people please help!

Speaking of Photos...

Notice Anyone?

Did you find it?

How about a more close up shot...

I have to say goodbye to this face every morning as I climb into my car. Aspen always watches me from the top of the couch thru the blinds.



  1. I'm drooling over these... Gorillapod Tripods!
    They're way more versatile than the standard ones. As soon as I get my taxes back, I'm getting myself one :D


  2. That picture of Aspen is too cute!

    We have had a few tripods (we have the Canon D40) and our camera always fits...I think the mounts are fairly generic.

    Good luck! You could always email the company and ask!

  3. we bought a generic tri-pod for our home use at target for $15. it has been an awesome purchase! I THINK that they are all equal and should fit each camera...I think the difference comes in with the point-n-shoot vs dslr.

    Awwwww!!! Aspen is TOO cute! That would make me pout every morning lol!

  4. I don't know anything about tripods, but that pic of your baby made me laugh out loud. SO PRECIOUS!! (and pretty darn hilarious) ;P

  5. I'm not very sure. We bought a random one at best buy without checking out reviews or anything. BUT- that is the sweetest picture ever, aww!

  6. Unfortunately, I don't own one, and probably never will, given that my husband will probably never let me buy another camera because I have lost about a million of them so far.

    But the pic of your little baby is adorable.

  7. Awww no comments on the tripod but it breaks my heart when I'm pulling away from the house and Batman is staring at me from the front door so confused :(

  8. my yorkie does the same thing, she would run to the window everytime i leave for work :(

  9. I hate leaving the little fur baby in the morning!


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