07 April 2011

Older Man Crush!

Growing up I had a HUGE crush on Brad Pitt and Patrick Swayze. Then there is this guy gracing the cover of Vanity Fair this month. 

I die. 

Hello Rob Lowe! I have missed your face on my former favorite show "Brothers and Sisters." I say former bec once they killed you off, I stopped watching! 

So on Vanity Fair's website, I came to learn that Rob recently wrote a book. And low and behold they had a clip of the book on their site. What tickled me pink was that the narrator was none other than Rob Lowe His self! 

I listened, totally enamored for the 4 minute clip and was so eager for school to end so I could go out and buy his book just to have him read it! 

Assuming I read the site right, when the book is released (we have to wait another week or so) you can buy the Audio version that Rob actually narrates, not some generic book voice.

Hearing his voice I swooned. It was soo good! And of course the little part they shared on VW website Rob was talking about his encounters working with the great Swayze and Tom Cruise and Matt Dillon. 

Stay Golden Rob. Stay Golden.

If you'd like to hear what heaven sounds like, then go here to listen to the clip. 

I've never bought a Celebrities book, but I say with great pleasure that Rob, you will be my first. tee hee. 

Anyone else buy books on Audio? Or whatever that's called?! I'd still buy it in paperback too, it's just I don't think real celebs do their own voice overs for their own novels do you? Maybe they do. I'm not sure.  Anyone know more about this than I do? Do share! 



  1. I've never bought an audio book but I probably would buy his just to listen to him before bed! Man, does he look goooood on that cover!

  2. "I say former bec once they killed you off, I stopped watching!" hahah! that's hilarious.

    he is quite the stud, i must admit :)


  3. I loved Patrick Swayze growing up! Rob Lowe is hhotttttt!! Who knew that he had that amazing body under his clothes! HAHA

    I've never had books on tape/audio before. I don't know if it will feel them same listening to it.

  4. I don't do audio books -- this post made me giggle and the cover of Vanity Fair made me stare for a while haha =) I have to get back to work but I can't look away lol

  5. This post made me laugh!!! Love this! <3
    I have never tried an audio book before.

  6. Hubba Hubba!!! I love older men too like Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

    He dies on Brothers and Sisters?! Dang must've missed that episode. I randomly watch it on Sunday nights while doing hw.

    Thanks for sharing this eye candy ;)

  7. I've never bought an audio book, but get them weekly from the library. They're great! my old man crush is harrison ford, i just love indiana jones

  8. I am in love with him! I think he is one of the sexiest men alive!

  9. I love that he narrates the book himself!

  10. He is definitely a tall drink of water! Yummeh! x

  11. I too like the older men. Just so happens that I married a guy 15 years older :)

  12. Hottiieeee! ;) I miss him on Brothers & Sisters too!!

  13. I've never listened to an audio book but my step mom swears by them when traveling!
    I love Rob Lowe's character on Parks and Rec - he's so funny!
    Playground Duty

  14. Ahh I love Rob Lowe! I still watch Bros and Sis BUT it has definitely gone down hill!


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