28 July 2010

Fish Tail Braids and stuff

I have a "thing" for fish braids. I watched a "How To" Tutorial on YouTube the last few nights. Then Yesterday and today I practiced. And Practiced. And finally today...I did it!! :) All these years of just regular braiding and I feel like I have finally upgraded a plain braid! :) woo hoo.

(Pardon the rings under my eyes. To be honest, I am not sure how I am suppose to cover those? Any make up skin tips ladies? I don't wear foundation. Only bare minerals. Guess BM doesn't cover dark rings! :( Please leave me some suggestions of what to buy. One girlfriend of mine suggested this
By Terry Concealer. She said I cold get it at Barneys. 

Better fishtail braids than mine..
Foxy Locks Extensions is the one I watched on You Tube on how to braid :) 

And about the Bachelorette...
Was anyone else Um {insert yawn here}...B o r e d ? I usually don't watch the Men tell all specials just for the simple redundant recaps of everything I have already seen. Frank MIA. Shocker there. Justin. Mia. Greasy Lawyer Mia. Awesome.  I still say she picks Roberto! :) 
 I think she rocks the Converse look don't you?

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  1. Love the fishtail braid! I haven't done one of those in years! I pick Chris though but I do have a think for Roberto.

  2. I should learn how to do that... so cool looking! And I'm totally with you about Roberto!!

  3. I would give anything if I had long enough hair for that. You look cute!

  4. I'm all for Chris, and I will probably cry if she picks Roberto. And I was extremely entertained by the tell-all, especially with "the phantom." First time reading your blog and I'm enjoying it so far!

  5. I heart fishtail braids! I used to do them when I was younger and loved it!

  6. Love your blog! New Follower!

  7. Love the braid! And the flower in your hair... I need concealer tips too, bc I use Bare Minerals and yea same problem, it ain't coverin those puffy eyes!!

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  9. I have always wanted to learn how to do fishtail braids! I'll have to check out the how to video!


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