30 July 2010

Freakin Weekend T G I F

Just for fun, I thought I would share a little comic that I have held so near and dear to my heart. I have been collecting this comic since I was 15 in High school. I always thought they would be so sweet to give to a Boyfriend. Well when I was 17 I had my first love, and it became our "thing" to exchange these between each other. Maybe some of you have seen this if you ever watched THAT 70's SHOW you saw it on Jackie Burkhart's bedroom wall. Kim Casali.

Kim Casali created 'Love Is...' back in the late 1960's when she drew the little pictures as love notes for her husband-to-be, Roberto.

Anyway, The Chicago Sun Times prints the little comic to this day so when ever I am in IL, I make it a point to clip the comic out! Since I'm not in IL anymore, I get them emailed to me from mydailycomics.com Here are a few of my fave

I even have a T shirt by JUNKFOOD (that's the brand/company) that once made a print of hers on it. :) I'll have to take a picture of it and post it some time.


  1. Those are adorable! Such little bits of inspiration :)

    Thank you for sharing! I may have to save a couple of these!


  2. This is my fave comic too. I also saved them when I was younger :) They are so sweet! I'm gonna have to get an email from that place too. Thanks! :)


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