14 July 2010

Random Wednesday

Day 2 of draining my bank account with shopping. I am kinda looking forward to school resuming to keep me outta trouble aka the MALL! LOL see what Five years of living in a town that had NO MALL will do to a girl? Make me poor that's what!
Okay So I have been eying this shirt FOREVER. I first saw it on a fellow blogger's page.
See Chloe' below she wears it darling!
Here's the shirt on the actual Ann Taylor website.
 Could only post the link since it wouldn't let me drag the picture over :(

So I finally saw the shirt at the store, and practically ran to the dressing room to try it on. I left Ann Taylor the same way I went in. Empty handed. For someone as tall as me, on my frame, it just made me look like I was hiding my figure. :( Oh well. Just wasn't meant to be!

I am also disappointed in J Crew. They show all these cute knit shirts on their WEBSITE and I actually go to the store today only to find out it's online only...seriously booooo!!!! :( They had a shirt that was in stripes just not solid colors, so I tried it on for size, and headed home to order it back online. I was hoping I would finally be done with online shopping for a while and escape the shipping and handling fees. Eh. No such luck. Here's the shirt.

I ordered 2. Black and white. They seem to be perfect for my teacher wardrobe. :)
Well, sorry such a boring post. Hey it's Wednesday! :) Happy Hump Day!

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  1. hey girl, i'm a new follower!

    LOVE that anntaylor top, its darling, but i totally feel the same way sometimes... it just doesnt look right on ME! boo!

  2. I'm shocked and saddened a jcrew associate did not tell you that you get free shipping on full price when you order from the store!

    PS I work for Jcrew right now :)


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