27 July 2010

I'm a WANTer....

UGGHHH. Are any other fellow teachers feeling the "pinch" of no money right now till school resumes? Event then, we have to work 2 weeks to get paid again! AHHH. I am not going to make it I fear! Seriously. 300 dollars to my name right now makes me super POOR! 
I have dwindled my bank account. But for good reason I swear!!! Walmart has the best deal right now for Elmers Glue. I went nutty. 25 C-E-N-T-S a bottle. Seriously!?! What a steal. Esp since my new art room had NONE left from the previous art teacher! So I bought 30 bottles. There is still of course so much more I NEED for my room, but Mister Wonderful and my dad think I'm not such a smart teacher for spending so much. I swear up and down to them that ALL teachers do this. I am not someone that says oh we don't have that. If we don't have it, I go get it, because I care THAT MUCH about my students.  My problem VS regular classroom teacher:
I teach the WHOLE SCHOOL. So when I buy something, it's not just 20 scissors and be done with it. Oh no. LOL I have to buy enough of something to account for every child I teach in the school. YEP. Now you see why I am poor? :( 

I love these. Definitely don't need them. But want them....yes of  course. I am sure other bloggers have stumbled upon these Classics with make over Hardcover. :)

Oh and this!
 Found here 

 I heart them! I really liked these other Initial Mugs I saw on another bloggers page who mentioned in the posting that she got hers from A Home Goods Store. Sadly when I ran out to ours, they had NO mugs! Has anyone seem them at their home goods store? The Anthropologie mugs are the closest I could find.

I think Emily Dickinson said it best for me. I will just have to..


  1. you're totally right about being sore post-lake... i feel like i did a million push ups! haah!

    my mom (art teacher) always gets to splurge on crazy art supplies, her pta is obsessed with her projects and some parent always buys her whatever she wants... but she would totally be stocking up on all kinds of things too. get your pta in your pocket :)
    i always love going to her room right after school starts and smelling the new crayons, mmmm! haha!

  2. I'm at a new school this year, so I have NO IDEA what the parental involvement will be. At my old school the PTO ladies loved me and held popcorn sales for the first friday of every month to help me earn money for my class. That's cool that your mom is an art teacher!! :) yay!

  3. Sweet! I also like the initial mugs. :)

  4. New to your blog and I love it! I saw those books in Border's the other day and added them to my "want" list : ) They're just so pretty!


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