20 July 2010

Where the skys are so blue..

They played this movie on TV a lot the last few months. And like a big movie freak that I am, I am pretty sure every time it was on, I stopped what I was doing to watch it!

I own the DVD, and for anyone that doesn't you need to watch the alternate ending. I was shocked to see that the original ending was going to have the main characters die!

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Josh Lucas & Reese Witherspoon had such great chemistry in this movie!

What movie(s) do you pretty much stop doing whatever your doing to watch when they are on T.V?


  1. That one!! It's one of my favorites too! Legally Blonde & Knocked Up, too!!

  2. love it, its such a good movie... i've never seen the alternate endings... i'll have to do that :)

    ps. isnt dakota fanning adorable as young reese???

  3. hey mae..am following your blog..hope u like smy blog too

  4. Love this movie!! Also loved Reese's hair in this movie.

    I have quite a few, and sad to say, most of them come on ABC Family...hahaha. I can rewatch any Harry Potter movie. But I also enjoy Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. Sigh, I'm hopeless;)

  5. The movie that I always have to watch is Where the Heart is, and I wonder why I am watching it again, too! and I have the dvd. Also-You've Got Mail and Steel Magnolias.


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