08 July 2010

Note to Self

Note to Self:

if you enter target, you will spend $100. it's just the way it is.

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 I should invest in stock in this store. Seriously-- I start off with just picking up a small hand held shopping basket and somehow it becomes to heavy to carry around thus I cave and get a cart.  But Target didn't break the bank today.  Today, was Bed Bath and Beyond. The curse of moving when you throw out the old, and in with the new necessities.  Biggest purchase of the day? drum roll please.....

I can't believe I spent 110 dollars on a TRASH CAN!!!! seriously who thinks a container to hold CRAP is worth a hundred bucks? Oh..that's right. The stainless steel people. After all, it's all about aesthetics in the kitchen these days. Now, that my wallet is broke, I am back to blogging to keep me from shopping at the stores~



  1. I love Target. It's a very good thing there isn't one in the city because I spend too much money there as well! Actually, they're opening one in Harlem soon, but I'm trying to forget about that!

  2. We just got a stainless steel trash can too!! Way too expensive! But it looks nice :)


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