29 July 2010

Thursday so it must be Thoughtless!

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Random Thought  
 It was coming home from seeing Inception last weekend that my brain was thinking this. My one super big fear is not living forever. I know I'm only 28. But I'm getting old. My childhood, High School, and College Years are already over and done with. I can't imagine just not waking up. It's very frightening to sit and actually really think about this.

This was me last night. So totally dropped a cubed piece of cheese. ( I didn't eat it due to our little Ants that seem to not want to go away since we moved in)

I Love Peonies. But these are great too. They are like a Knock of Peonies and a Rose combined. Have you seen these before?
I think they are just L O V E L Y ! 


  1. omg i totally agree with #1. so much so that i used to freak out when i was a kid..like i had to see a therapist bc i was scared to go to sleep. it was bad. and, it still bothers me if i allow myself to think about it too much.

  2. hey! i just found your blog and it's adorable!! i'm following you now, and I'd love it if you follow me too! =)

  3. Interesting post - I try to completely avoid not thinking about me, or my loved ones and friends, not living forever because it really is very frieghtening! I try to just focus on embracing today and the beautiful things in life, like those pretty flowers :)


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