10 July 2010

Pet Love

It's been a very lazy Saturday! Since it rained last night here in AZ, it was kinda muggy this morning and thus neither Mister Wonderful and I were daring enough to head to the pool with this heat!

Aspen, my pooch is finally settling down. I always knew moving has been kinda traumatic on her, but this last move especially really seemed to shake her up. In fact, my girlfriend who was watching her the 4 days I was gone in Ohio, called me saying to come get her if I could early because she was having accidents in her house :( and wouldn't leave laying in her crate. I freaked. We sped (nothing to crazy) for me to get back to her asap. My dog is 4, and is completely potty trained, just was so worked up with me not being there. You see, I REFUSE to kennel my dog for any reason. Basically if I can't have a friend come let her out, or she can't go with me, then I don't go. PERIOD.  I take my dog responsibilities very seriously and would never want to but Aspen's health or well being at risk just for me to get away for a little trip. She has always come first.

The good news is, that it's been a week, and she is doing great.  Here is my cutie all stretched out on her fave spot, my couch:) I swear she think she's a cat, she likes to get up as high as possible.


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