15 July 2010

Vet visits=:(

It's only been 2 days since I registered Aspen at our new vet up here in Scottsdale and what happens on day 3? Aspen has an unexpected vet visit. :( sad face. I had noticed that she had been itching her left ear for 2 days now, lots of head shaking too. My dog is NOT by any means an itcher or scratcher. AT ALL. So I knew something was up right from the get-go. I said enough was enough and took her in. As soon as the vet tech girl dipped the Q-tip in her bothersome ear, I knew when I saw all the gunk on it, that she has some kind of infection. Yep. Doc diagnosed her with a yeast infection in her ear. Poor baby. Drops 2 times a day in her ear.

Here's Aspens' new vet. He was SOO friendly and make me feel very welcome and comfortable dealing with our little drama with my dog today!

The good news...
Since it was our first vet visit, the actual visit was F R E E ! !

The other good news was that the Vet Dr. Josh said that out of any Pomeranian he has EVER taken care of, MINE was the most well kept healthiest he has EVER seen/dealt with. He said he couldn't get over how wonderful/friendly her temperament was, how what a good weight she was at, and how well groomed/beautiful her coat was. He said for being 4 she had Spectacular teeth--hardly any plaque build up!!! I felt like I was on top of the world. All my hard work of taking care of Aspen for the last 4 years has really paid off. To have such great things said about my little baby made the seventy dollar drops I had to buy for her ear, all the more worth it. I heart being a dog owner. I wouldn't trade it for the world. If I had a fire and could only grab one thing..ASPEN would be IT!

Okay time to pay homage to my bestest fur child...:)

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