23 July 2010

Friday Favorites

Here are some really cute creative finds for the weekend
If you are a Reader like me, who spends money on these cutesy book marks but always loses them, or has them fall out. Try this! 

Speaking of reading, I did just finish Heart of The Matter by Emily Giffin Last night. Whew. This book was HEAVY and not uplifting. In my OPINION, her first two books have been her best, and I haven't really liked any others since.

I can say the same thing for Cecilia Ahern the author of PS I LOVE YOU. I read that book YEARS ago in college before anyone had heard of it. I read others by her to follow and thought they were terrible. What's going on with Authors today? Why is it so difficult to STICK TO THE FORMULA? They remind me of child actors who want to branch out and try different things so they don't labeled of viewed in hollywood one way. Well if ya are smart, you would know this is what people want! Stick with what works! :)

Other unique Friday Find

Who ever woulda thought that you could use utensil organizer as your jewelry wall display!? Pretty crafty. 

I love this one!! Who else HATES wires?  Only thing, I am not so sure that if you have a desk that's got some depth to it, that it would work. 

Yes, that's me in the picture, and yes those are my words I added to the picture.(See what I end up doing when I have summers off from teaching and cannot be out shopping spending money I don't have? tee hee:) Hope everyone has a great weekend-- I get to spend mine in my classroom with the help of Mister Wonderful to assemble a bookshelf together and move heavy stuff around! oh-what-fun!! 
Ciao Lovelies! 


  1. I love the idea of the utensil organizer as something for jewelry.

  2. Im in the middle of reading that book, im scared to see where it ends up... im thinking not too great. i really liked all her other books but this one is soooo different!


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