24 July 2010

Blog Award For Me??!

I received my first blog award.

I am not sure I am worthy of this, but thank you Amber! Here blog is here
In order to accept this, I am to tell you 7 things about myself. Okay..Hope I don't bore you!

{1}  I have the rarest blood type. AB- . I also haven't given blood since HS. I know I should, I don't have any tats or piercings so that makes me a great candidate to do so right? 

I cannot stand to watch in any movies, tv shows or news any type of animal cruelty. AT ALL. I immediately start to feel sick to my stomach.  Just the other night there was a clip on the news about how some side street camera caught on tape a dog being mauled by 2 bigger dogs. I made Mister Wonderful turn the TV immediately. Otherwise I'll have nightmares. I can't watch Benji or Lassie to this day. I'll Bawl. Oh and Old Yeller. Can't forget that one. 

{3} I've never had a speeding ticket! (knock on wood!)

I lost my mom to breast and kidney cancer in 1995. Cancer in an immediate parent in this time frame was UNHEARD OF. It was a bit rough growing up in my teen years needless to say. 

{5} The number 5     
for whatever reason is my lucky number! 

When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with reading Sweet Valley High, by Francine Pascal. 

I owned EVERY book in the entire series.  All the way up through their University years. Elizabeth was my favorite. Her twin Jessica was to wild for me. 

{7} I panic easy. Real easy. The other day when we rented a cargo van to get the rest of my stuff in Yuma, the Transmission Light came on and said it was HOT and to IDLE the engine. We still had 20 miles to go till home. I F-R-E-A-K-E-D. Major wig out. Mister Wonderful I think was kinda in shock how badly car trouble upset me. But you see, all I could think of was it's 115 degrees out, I didn't have proper go get help walking shoes on, and we had NO WATER with us. So smart for road travel right? Hence my PANIC MODE! 

Okay that's it about me. Thanks Amber !  


  1. Hi lady! I just found your blog, and I love it! Now following! I live in Arizona too! Congrats on the award!


  2. I used to read all those books too! And also The Baby Sitters Club when I was even younger :)

  3. I lost my mom to cancer as well :(
    I think it sucks big time!!
    Congrats on your first award!


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