13 July 2010

Ouch! So sore!

Did I ever mention how wonderful my Mister Wonderful is? No really he is. Mister Wonderful ( as if you can't tell from pics) is V E R Y into fitness. VERY. Extreme Fitness Guru. No really--thats his utube name even! haha. Well we joined Gold's Gym out here in AZ together..he's always belonged to a Gym. Me Not so much. ha. I have always been anti gyms just simply because I love to hike and do things that don't keep me trapped in a room for a hour! Well, on Sat Mister Wonderful worked out really hard on his legs. I guess the fitness term is called LIFTED. hehe. Well, since I have no work out buddies, I kept hinting how I wanted to try a spin class. And with no hesitation, Mister Wonderful goes, "I'll go with you babe." I was shocked? My mister muscles wanted to do a spin class with me? no way. He probably won't even break a sweat while I'll be huffing and puffing for air.

Yep. And just like that he went with me. Everytime the instructor would say Turn the knob I wanted to cringe....Lets just say it's been 2 days and it HURTS some fierce to squat down PERIOD. That's how bad my thighs are killing me. At least I went. We shall see if I can keep up on it. Mister wonderful also got me some "girl" vitamins to take. How sweet. I am wondering if taking them will make a difference! Here's what he got me.

They are def big Vitamins. Have to take 3 a day. But, I'm being a trooper and going to be tough about it. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am totally feeling your pain. I've been doing a new workout routine, and wow, I am SO out of shape :) Also, about the petal top you asked about on my blog, being in between a small and an extra small is tough. I am usually between a small and a medium and I went with the medium. I didn't want mine too tight because I wanted the petals to hang rather than pull. However, the arm holes are a little bit on the medium. If I were you, I'd make a trip to Ann Taylor to try on both. If you're ordering online, just get both and return one (lol at least thats what I always do.) Let me know if you end up getting it. Or better yet, post pictures!

    Happy Wednesday girl :)

  2. I love spinning! But yes, like you said - horrible soreness. I remember my first class, I couldn't walk right for almost a week, HA! :)

  3. Awww...your Mr Wonderful sounds sweet!!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog so i could find yours. I see you're from AZ. That's where i grew up. Can't wait to move back in a few months. Yippy!!!


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