19 July 2010


Well it's been a few days but I am happy to report that the incessant ear shaking has ceased and Aspen seems back to her self...minus her nasty oily hair by her ear... It's from her meds that she shakes out after I allow her to shake when I've put the drops in.

Check out her nappy ear haha..my poor dear!

 On a different note, I finally got my new classroom keys today for my new art room. WHEW. There is a lot of work to be done. Part of me is scared to see how little I may have to work with for this upcoming school year....eeek! Mister Wonderful may have to come with me one saturday morning and help me with arranging my room and such!
Here's a picture of one side of the school. I went from being a Scorpion to a Hawk. :)

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