30 May 2011

Left or Right

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Left brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am. 

Right brain: I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.

right or left? :)

I'm def a right brained gal. I'm Left handed, an art teacher, lover of anything bright colors, artsy fartsy, imagination, doodles. I'm def NOT a math or science gal by any means. (You should see my college transcripts as to how many times I took Statistics in school till I finally passed it no joke!) 

Which are you!? 



  1. I feel like i am in the middle! ugh!

  2. I think I am a blend of both :) I feel I am a jill of all trades master of none! And this is probably why!

  3. right sided, no question! I always wished I was better at math and science!

  4. I am SO right-brained myself!

  5. Wow, so far out of all your responses--I'm your only left brain person. No questions asked I'm left brained. I do photography which would fall under right--but I'm all left brained, a bit of a science nerd if you will. :)

  6. I am left brained, with maybe a pinch of right brain in there. Haha.

  7. I'm both! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. i'm a right brain! i'm left handed too, so maybe that's a cheat!


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