11 May 2011

Celeb link up blog challenge catch up post!

I don't really listen to anyone super young. I think Taylor Swift may be the only young singer out there that I listen to, own a few of her songs...etc etc 

Who Doesn't love Reese Witherspoon?!
I actually own her very first film Disney's A Far Off Place which she actually plays opposite Ethan Embry (who's last name back then was Ethan Randall) Speaking of names Reese's "real" name is Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon. You know how hollywood goes. Drop the southern thang and  make it more it more appealing by only using your middle? 

In 1996 the Winter Olympic games I was completely enamored with these ladies. I have yet to care for any female athletes as much as I adore these gals. They forever changed Gymnastics as we know it. Amy was the uneven bars queen, Kerri the vault queen, Both Dominiques' dominated the floor routine, and Shannon was the beam queen. Amanda and Jaycie were good at everything. My favorite will forever been Dominique M. when she did her floor routine to "The devil went down to Georgia" song.

Just for S & G (shits and giggles I found it on you tube to share)  



  1. I agree with you day 10, good choice. I think she would be such a friendly, down to earth person to be around!

  2. I just got super confused, LOL!! You changed your blog name. I love it!

  3. I love T Swift too, her music is great and shes so beautiful!

    Cute new blog name too!


  4. Ohmygosh I was SO obsessed with the women's gymnastics team that year! Especially Dominique M!

  5. Great choices on both days
    Love gymnastics!!!

    Thanks for linking up

  6. Love Dominique! I can't believe that she was so young, I completely forgot how young she was!

  7. I think I was probably 5 years old during that Olympics but I still remember being obsessed with gymnastics after watching them! I knew everyone's name on the team and dressed up as a gymnast for Halloween.. in 40 degree weather lol. They were great!

  8. I *loved* Dominique Moceanu in the '96 games! But I swear, the most memorable moment for me of those summer games was poor Kerri Strug breaking her ankle, and vaulting anyway. What a trooper!


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