25 May 2011

Cray Cray on The Bachelorette!

So I watched The Bachelorette via Monday night. Holy moly we have another drama filled season! I feel like one of the contestants on the show, kinda wishing Ashley was another Bachelorette! I know, that's mean, but I def think Ashley S, from last season would have totally been a better fit! She had more of a spark!

Anyway, so far, I must say, I LOVE Ashley H. With BANGS! She actually looks a TON better with them! One of the few people that can wear them well!

I found this picture online. Hilarious. A face she made right after she met BENTLEY. Seriously this guy is a total "knob" as Mister Wonderful would say.

He has a daugther named Cozy. Seriously? Who names their kid that?

Can you image being forty and saying, "Hi I'm Cozy!!" Blah.........kinda reminds me of the Olympic gal with the name Peekabo Streets. Freakin way off the wall from normal.

Back to the douche bag....

Bentley. YUCK. I can already tell I'm not going to love miss Ash since she actually considers this guy her "perfect package guy" really? He's not hot!!! 
In case you didn't watch, Ash got some "inside" information that this guy was on the show to basically exploit him self and not there for her in any way. 

My Top 2 picks for Ashley are:

\This is William. HELLO gorgeous! I think he's super sweet and should mesh well with Ash. 

This is Ryan. Ashley gave him the first impression rose. Well done Ash well done. This guy was alive and had great chemistry with her! 

There were one or 2 other Bachelors that had some pretty unique backgrounds on the show, should be interesting to watch it all unfold. 

This guy seems interesting, quite the "over achiever" in my book, but I think he has done so much in his life that he is really ready to settle down. 

Meet Ames. 

Ashley H, is pretty insecure, so I'm not sure if Ames will pan well with her, I can totally see her being like wow this guy has done everything I haven't done much and totally veering away from him.

Who were your picks?



  1. 1. William looks like the guy from Sweet Home Alabama
    2. Ryan looks like Matthew Morrison
    3. Ames creeps me out
    4. I love William and JP!
    5. And I'm not a big fan of Ashley either...she annoyed me so much last season. But I can't not watch... :)

  2. I don't like this Ashley as The Bachelorette... Boo hoo, wish it was the other Ashley too, but she has a boyfriend so she wouldn't have done the show anyway. I'm hoping they find a good guy out of this group to be the next Bachelor!

  3. My top 2 picks are William and West. I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic stuff and I loved when he gave her the compass!

  4. Oh I LOVE Will. He was so sweet & he did all those voices too....so funny!! :)

  5. you picked the 2 i did! and i'm with you....wasnt going to watch,but i like to see the 1st nite- what about Mask-guy? they had to have offered her something to keep him around : )

  6. OMgosh! I totally thought he looked like Josh Lucas too!!!

    But I LOVE him!!!! I watched it and posted about it too!!!

  7. I just found out this weekend that the masked man, Jeff, is a guy we know (well, a friend of a friend). CRAZY. And I don't mean it's crazy that we know him, I mean he's freaking crazy-town. :)

  8. I love William and Ryan too! William is from Columbus (where I live) so I'm glad he isn't one of the weirdos :)
    Ames is ridiculous....Ultra Marathons...seriously!?

  9. AHHH, your top two are MY top two. I am seriously in love with both of them. No joke.

    Bentley sounds like a complete douche. The scenes for the season show him saying he basically could care less about Ashley, but it would have been a different story if it were Emily.

    AWESOME. What a jerk! This season is going to be so full of drama - I can't wait! haha

  10. I am so glad that someone else thinks that Bentley is NOT attractive. Ick! He seems like such a douchebag. However, judging from the previews--she doesn't take the info that someone gave her and just rolls with her feelings about him.

    I wasn't super-excited that she was the Bachelorette, either. However, I think that it will be good for her confidence!

  11. I only caught the last half of the show but Bentley and that dude with the mask?! GOT TO GO.

  12. William is precious.. but I'm wishing it was a different bachelorette. She annoys me so bad.. I really don't know if I can make it through the whole season, those 2 hours about killed me.

  13. I haven't watched it yet but HELLO William! HE is beautiful!

    As far as the tool bag who named his kid Cozy--really? Cozy, that would be enough for me to be like goodbye.

  14. I agree with everything!! I SO wasn't going to watch this season but then I got sucked in on episode one. Bentley is a jerkface, I like your two pics but I also like that bald guy (of course I do) and what was with Zorro???

  15. I'm not watching but my vote would be for William...total hottie =)

  16. I agree with your picks!
    I like Ashley with bangs... but think she was better as a blonde. But I'm biased I guess.

  17. The clips make it obvious that Bentley sucks and breaks her heart. But... I mean... I dont feel bad for her... she was clearly warned and from a friend?! Why would you NOT listen to that!?!?! Dum dum. (not you, Ash H.) And I too love love love her with bangs!!!


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