26 May 2011

Birthday Discounts my A*#!

I saw this image via pintrest

(no I'm not a member, no I'm not going to join Pintrest either. 

 FB, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger is plenty!) 

Anyway back to the image! So I immediately fell in love with the pictures above the bed! I was like that's what our guest room is lacking!

Only problem thus far, our guest room bed is pushed against the wall, which is a problem for 2 reasons. 1. it's super hard to make this bed, and 2, I can only fit 2 of the framed pictures above the bed since it isn't a full wall that we have the bed against!

 Frames I got via IKEA. 
I'm still working on what images I want in the frames lol me = THE PICKIEST when it comes to that most awesome picture that gets selected to be framed! 

This is a shot of our family room photo wall. It's still IP (in progress)
Completed it should be 9 photos total. 

On a B I R T H D A Y note....
(my B day is in 8 days)

I pretty much snorted when I opened this. Anthro sent out this fancy little cloth thing, and inside it says save 15%. Wow. So generous of you Anthro!!! Really?? WTF.

That's like sending a b day card saying Happy B day come in and shop and only save on the sales tax! So messed up, no? 

Express did the same thing. Like oooh sweet save 15 bucks (yeah only if I use my Express CC in store) EFFF that. I just got that paid off! 

Happy Thursday lovely bloggies! 



  1. Haha, too funny about the birthday "discounts." You're right, they are utter bologna.

    I love the first pic you chose for you guest room and I can't wait to see the second. I just bought those frames for a gallery wall I'm trying to do in my Master--we'll see how that works out. :)

  2. hahah i totally agree with you on the birthday discount things. I get those from Lucky Brand Jeans and Express and some other stores and you get 15% off...yeah ok thats great. I have yet to get one that says 25%

  3. Um where did you find those pictures of those bedrooms because I LOVE them!!!

    I will be joining pinterest... lol

  4. I am loving gray and yellow right now!

  5. 15% doesn't even cover the tax in Toronto. I don't consider anything a discount until we're at 25% or more.

  6. I am loving that gray and yellow bed!!!

  7. haha! I feel ya on the birthday discount thing. My personal fav is a local spa that sends me 10% off. I'm like "uh, a massage there sets me back over a hundred dollars. Are you serious right now? You just took off half the tip I'd give to her? Wow. So thoughtful."


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