22 May 2011

Sunday Happiness

Happiness Is::

Happiness is...

...final student art projects

coming to a close

Happiness is...

...Having what you want, and wanting what you have

Happiness is...


Happiness is...
...Finishing a book that makes you feel this way.

(go read Rob Lowe's Stories I only tell my Friends!)

Happiness is...

...Pictures that make you go "aw"

Happiness is...

My love for someone.
My tangled emotions.
The laughter of my mothers much missed voice.
How good the sunshine feels.
My love's arms wrapped around me each night. 
my soul.

Happiness is...

Things I cannot photograph.

Happiness is...
... the present.
Find it.

What's your happiness? 

*First 3 images copyright  CM Photography (aka ME)
All other images via Tumblr



  1. Love this post girl, you are just so grateful!

  2. aww loved this!

    that dog picture? makes me go "awwww" :)

    and I have heard such good things about Rob Lowe's book. I heard he is such a good story teller.

  3. Excellent post! :) Love this!

  4. Aw... My happiness right this moment would be a large hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows! Instead I'm teaching in a very drizzly Melbourne...:-(

  5. absolutely fabulous! love the DAWG pic!!!!!

  6. hahaha i love the dog pix like everyone here said lol

  7. love the photos! and the post idea!


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