11 May 2011

Who I Am

Who I Am...

I am...28 years old. (soon to be 29 in a few wks)
I want...lots of things! I'm a wanter. Sigh.
I have...a conscious about everything I say and do in life.  
I wish..to live a lot longer than my mother did. (she died when she was only 39)
I hate...when men don't open doors for you (regardless if your wife is standing by you always open a door for a lady!)
I fear...how bad our economy is going to plummet in these next few months to a year.
I hear...Gas will indeed be 4 dollars a gallon by summer.
I search...to renew my faith in God.
I wonder...if I am truly forgiven for losing my faith when I was younger.
I regret...not being able to fix relationships with old friends when I should of said sorry long ago.
I love...my dog. my boyfriend. they are my WORLD.
I ache...when I see young people make bad choices.
I always...try to find the good in the day. 
I usually...love to be outside.
I am not...afraid to speak my mind. this is a good and bad thing, as it often can get me in trouble.
I dance...at weddings! I'll shake it on the floor alone! I'm not afraid! 
I sing...terribly. Damaged vocal chords from teaching a few years back. 
I never...leave in the AM without giving my man (or fur child) a kiss goodbye.
I sometimes...am too hard on myself.
I cry...if anything remotely bad happens to animals. In movies or in real life. I cannot stomach any violence or mistreatment to them.
I am not always...optimistic, I'm more of a realist.
I lose...interest in movies, books or conversations with people when they can't get to the point sooner than later.
I am confused...by math. This will never change about me. 
I need...to always feel confident. 
I should...never stop trying.

Who Are You?

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails and Running on Happiness)

Speaking of Who I am, and what I want....

That big ole 29 B day is right around the corner. EEEK.  Mister Wonderful has asked what I want. I told him I'd blog a list. He said to just tell him, but It's more fun to share with all on here, right?

I stopped into Ulta the other day. I don't know about you, but I can't smell more than one perfume a day, otherwise they all start to smell the same and I can't tell one scent from the next! 

I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to Perfumes. I am very different from a lot of girls in the sense that I've worn one scent for the last six years. I usually share EVERYTHING on blogger, but my scent. ha. Anyway, I sniffed Chanel's Mademoiselle and loved it. I spritzed it on a little tester strip to share with Mister Wonderful to see if he liked it. He did. 

All the other Chanels smelled really old lady ish to me! 

So, a small bottle of this is on my list! 

I'd like a tri pod for my DSLR. 

I'd like a new camera lens. Yes, I know, I have 2 that came with my camera, but true photographers have more than one that they use! :) I'm not completely sure if this is compatible with my camera, but eventually I'll double check to be sure! 

You are wondering what kind of pictures does this lens take than standard camera lens don't? See below.
Photo copyright belongs to S. Tady (friend on FB) 

These photos are copyrighted as well belonging to my good friend Tiffany. Here photo blog is here.

I of course want rugs for our condo...but I don't really wanna ask for those for my B day. haha

Ok moving on.........

I got a new maxi skirt. Inspiration? Pretty in Pink Megan. I'm sure some follow her. She has like a billon followers! :) 

So I loved her outfit so much, that I went to the mall real quick on a conquest to find this skirt. H&M didn't let me down, as they had it in stock! 

These are my first ever DRESSING ROOM photo session haha that I am sharing via blogger! 

And here is my looked that I put together as best as I could via what I saw Megan wear!



  1. Fun post! I LOVE the new maxi skirt...very cute!

  2. I wear Chanel's Mademoiselle and I LOVE it! I always get compliments when I wear it.

  3. Ok, so I just read your "I am" and thought...omg, she's...me!! Ditto on just about everything! Seriously, almost everything. Especially the "I cry"...ooohhhhhh, especially!!! Become a tax preparer like me...I was always confused about math (English major) then I started doing taxes and...(magical wans noise) no more onfusion! I am a Philosophy fragrance girl...almost all of them. AND GET THE 50mm...it will change your life! I got mine last summer and, truly, it's amazing! Just the cheapie $99/ f1.8 one. It's awesome!

  4. Love the skirt! It looks great on you.
    If you read my post today you will see gas is over $4.00 in some states already. Ugh!
    Have a great day.

  5. totally with ya on the "i cry" part of your post. watched a ground hog get hit by a car this morning and was in tears on the ride to work!

    and the maxi skirt looks adorable on you! makes me want to copy YOUR look!

  6. You should check out the book "Redemption" by Mike Wilkerson. It was so eye opening for me in what God says about forgiveness! I used to beat myself up so badly for things I did or didn't do (sometimes it's still a struggle), but this book really showed me that I need to lay all that at the foot of the cross. It's a short book too! If you have Kindle, I can lend it to you!

  7. great post!
    I LOVE the new maxi skirt!
    I am definitely wanting a new lens too!

  8. love this post!

    happy early birthday girl!!!!

    love your outfit , you look adorable girl!

    have a great day!

  9. I have that lens on my camera at work and it is magical! definitely worth every penny.

  10. I NEED that skirt..I may have to go stalk my H&M lol Also did I miss info about your blog name changing?! soo confused!

  11. 1) great b-day list
    2) i'm going to do that "who am i" post. i'll credit you.
    3) that maxi skirt is PRESH!
    4) love the new title. cheers to indecisiveness and changing blog titles.
    5) share your beauty and that rockin' bod.

    k, thanks, bye :)

  12. love the skirt, it looks great on you!

  13. Ok... just found your blog and I am LOVING it! (Suppose to be working... oops!)

    LOVE the brown skirt! We STILL do not have a H&M (to my knowledge) in Birmingham, AL! :( We are a little slow around here!haha

    Anyway, your blog is fabulous! So glad I found it!

  14. LOVING that skirt on you! Oh how I wish we had an H&M! Next year, they're starting to let people order online and I am SO jazzed! :) And what a great idea for a post. I love all the things you said. I read them and was thinking abuot each one of your answers and what I'd say. Great post, girl.

  15. I've worn the same scent for about as long as you have. Every once in a while, I'll spice it up, but for the most part, it's been Pink by Vikki Secrets since high school. lol

  16. Very cute in the maxi skirt!!!
    Also, love your bowl sink :)

    p.s. Gas is already over $4/gallon here :( :(

  17. Love your little getting to know you, I might do the same thing! Thanks for the tip.

    I am definitely going to smell the perfume you love. The lens that is probably used in those pictures is a large aperture lens like f1.8 or something. I've got a lens with that aperture and I rarely use it but I need to get it out more often.

    Happy almost birthday to you.

  18. i have that same camera lens!! :) and thanks for link my blog in your post! :)


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